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87 % of all internet activities begin with “search” — users feel that search engines are very powerful.  How are we discoverable via search?  Search is the way to be found today (and yesterday):  the emerging way to be found is through social media.

We stand on the threshold of the mergence of SE (search engine) and SN (social network).  Ladies and Gentlemen, this goes way beyond “followfriday” (which some see as  the new “spam”…).  This is an unleashing of the Forceand may the Force be with you!

Do you know the Force?  It is the power of FriendFeed (thanks for tossing this tidbit out for us, Jack!), the simplicity of Hootlet, the very fact that RSS is not dead! (Who in their right mind would think that RSS is dead, anyway?)  And it grows deeper and deeper.  It pivots on the convergance between search engines and social networks.

The Share Economy:  those who share, share liberally and accurately, those are the ones who will be more discoverable than those who don’t.  This is the emerging Force.  It captures the ambiguous friendships on the web and takes peer relationships to a higher level.

This brings us to the all important question, the one which will place the “to choose” candidate  for the really Goode job above all others:  How does one put themselves in “the pull”, the Force, the magical balance between SE and SN?

1. The successful candidate will have built a digital embassy:  A connecting point between the “old” and the “new” world, between the SE and the SN.  Not only this, but you must do this in all the “communities” and “niches” which matter to you.  And it is imperative to understand that as an embassador, you are here to serve the people:  the more you share, the greater the quality of your sharing, the stronger your embassy will be.   Do you have a digital embassy?  (Yesteryear this was MySpace… today it is Twitter and Facebook… tomorrow?)

2.  The new Jedi will be a corporate allstar:  Are you the lone rider, an ace in your field but a little lonely at the top?  Or do you see yourself as part of a whole?  How is your networking peer-to-peer?  Are you supporting each other, pulling each other forward, or are you looking our for your own interests first?  The collaberation of great minds within a niche will increase any individuals Pull or Force.

3.    Finally, to successfully be found by the masses, you need to create tools:  Today it is Google, i-phone… what are the tools of tomorrow?  The key to be part of this developement and innovation.   Applications, widgets — create them, use them, offer them generously to those who will benefit from them and you will have the Force.

Murphy-Goode, you are at a pivotal time in your winery’s history, ready to take the quest to boost you to encounters of the digital kind.  May the Force be with you and may the Force be with the successful candidate.

This article was inspired by Steve Rubel‘s The Power of the Pull.  Special thanks to Andrea Vascellari for posting the video.