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Yesterday I became aware of an article over at BlogHer by Virginia BoltOh, to be a social media guru… Virginia notices:

The Murphy-Goode Winery isn’t being quite so brilliant about the job hunt campaign as Tourism Queensland was, but think about the implications of what they are offering. They are willing to pay $10,000 a month, plus accomodations and expenses, to someone who can run a social media marketing campaign for them. They are advertising the job using the words “social media guru.” (italics agl)

She goes on to explain what a social media guru actually is and a wonderful discussion ensues.  This got me to wondering… how am I doing my job and how can I improve. A social media guru is not a social networking guru.  There is a difference.  And thanks to these ladies, I have been reminded of this small yet impressive fact.

You see, it is all too easy to get caught up with the game of chasing your “prospects”, “customers” or in my case “readers” and “commenters”.  Ideally– and if I am doing my job correctly –these people should be able to find their way to me because I am leveraging the technology available to enable conversion.  What is conversion?  Well in my case, people finding me where I lead them (to my “digital embassy” here at this blog)

And looking to Charles Heflin‘s take on the topic in his article The Big Social Media Mistake I find I am nodding my head in agreement:  Facebook, Twitter and co. are not social market places, but network places.  It is the syndicate savvy marketer who will move forward in this realm in leaps and bounds.

This is one lesson I learned (with a twist) thanks to a short twitter question I shot at Jack Humphrey (@bendtheweb) at the beginning of my GoodeLife journey last week:  here is a quick video to show you how to leverage syndication.

Too bad this was not a plug for my “excellent marketing skills or my brilliant goode job efforts”… but it is an excellent example of how we can use the force of social media and syndication.  As Charles notes:  You cannot market in networking environments. You can syndicate and distribute content there but it can’t be promotional” — I was not out there to promote myself, Jack was networking, he and others were syndicating and distributing content and it was in no means promotional for themselves (but nice to have my name tossed about there 🙂 ).

This throws the ball back to all of the Goode Hopefuls:  do you know the difference between social networking and social marketing and are you able to leverage the media and tools to your advantage?  Or are you working your fingertips to the bone being a network butterfly, all a flurry and quite fragile?  And the real cruncher is:  How are you gonna make your talent for social marketing transparent to the Goode guys?  I would love to hear from you!

You may view this video at Blip Metacafe YouTube Yahoo … etc.  — one way to leverage the tech like a social marketer:  one time upload to various video sites… of course, being a savvy Social Media Guru, you know how this is done?