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So the big question which is slowly going to drive us to itch over the next few weeks is gonna be:  Who is gonna make the cut?  And for those of us who still have not got their videos together:  How are the guys at Murphy-Goode gonna make the cut?

Well, did you hear the Wine Biz Radio programme with Dave Ready as a guest last week?  (If not, you can click on over and let her run while you read the rest of the post here.)  There we learned that the guys at Murphy-Goode actually will not be the ones to make the first cut:  this has been outsourced.  With 115 videos up and running todate, this seems to be a very wise decision.

Ed Thralls (aka @WineTonite) had a good thread over at his place touching on the same subject.  I would love to share some insights from Todd Havens ofThe Visionaire Group… — Todd has five years of experience in casting reality shows for MTV.  It might interest you what he has to say:

We often accepted video submissions and it was not, ultimately, very difficult to whittle down to the top tier of applicants. Most people you couldn’t see or hear because the production quality was so bad. Many didn’t submit videos, either, just the application. (Murphy-Goode is expectedly seeing their fair share of that, too.)

Most of the other videos submitted didn’t “bring anything new to the table” for the show. The best-edited videos weren’t always the winners, either. Hollywood has yet to learn this lesson, but flashiness doesn’t necessarily equal value. :) If someone were genuine enough…interesting, funny…and all they did was sit in a chair and talk to the camera…that was often all we needed.

I find this to be tremedously hopeful news!  Although there are some wonderfully crafted videos out there (and you definately can see who has done this type of work before) — there is still a chance for you and I to actually make the first cut.  Keep it real.  Keep it you.

Todd does go on to note:

Casting someone in a show with a cast of other characters under the direction of savvy producers vs. casting a correspondent to manage a corporate brand’s online reputation, however…not exactly apples and oranges…but Fuji apples to Granny Smith, perhaps.

You know what Todd, I am probably too wound tight for the job…  I think it is apples and grapes 😉 .  And this opens a whole can full of beans for me…  In any case, it has been an incredible two weeks of learning for me.  I have had a great time watching the videos so far, at times I think:  yeah, I can do that.  And after some of those high gloss submissions I think:  oh.  Drat.

Questions upon questions. It is so fascinating, really. How to tell with a 60 sec. video? I am off to go ponder…

How do you figure they will make the cut?  Any suggestions for me?