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I am a huge fan of eating naturally and the first time I heard about Michael Pollan I was fascinated.  He said something to the effect that if something has more than 5 ingredients it is not real food… gotta find out about people who talk like this.  I was so pleased to discover @HappyChickens‘ blog post over at HappyChicken lay healthy eggs:  a podcast by Michael Pollan.  Do you know Happy Chickens?  It is managed by Orren Fox, a 12 year old animal lover, a convicted vegetarian who is kosher if you dig meat:  but please eat local, happy chickens, is his take… go on over there and say hi to Orren, excellent work going on over there.  But before you leave here, I have a few things for you:

Food Rules

“Eat food, not to much, mostly plants”–Micheal Pollan’s food rules.  “Don’t eat anything your grandmother would not recognize as food!” and “culture may have more to tell us about how to eat than medicine at the moment…” — a podcast well worth your time.

Many cultures have passed down all kinds of wisdom about food and how to eat properly.  Do you still follow your parents’ advice that you should eat your vegetables or clear your plate? Do you only eat organic now? What about fast-food? Are you a three meal-a-day person or a snacker? Have you developed your own “food manifesto”?

Let me know what kinds of food rules you try to live by in the comments section below.