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Wow, here is a guy giving it all he has (and I hope I can help him give even more!):  Kamary Phillips.

Kamary, poor guy, caught himself a nasty cold while visiting out here in Germany this past week.  He is on his way back to the States and I certainly hope that he handles the flight well… nothing like a dry throut or sinus issues on a transatlantic flight.

Wait, you don’t know Kamary?  Surely you have heard of Murphy-GoodeTV?  Well here is his latest video…

Kamary wrote in his last blogpost about his take on the Murphy-Goode job and I wanted to share this one thought from him with you:

So, I’m sure the position with Murphy Goode is just as important for many others for may other reasons however if you’re not already giving a 100% while trying to get the job, then why should you get the job?  That’s how I see it.  Well, that’s my story and you know what, I’m stickin’ to it.

You know what?  He is in, to toss around a Murphy-Goode saying.  Any job worth doing is worth doing with all your mite.  And like I have been preaching since I joined this crazy action:  you need to work smarter, not just harder (ain’t that the truth, Hardy?).  So here is my tip to Kamary and all you savvy video-casters:  viral video syndication.

Introducing TubeMogul… have you heard of it?  It is awesome!

Some of the benefits of using TubeMogul:

  • Save Time – uploading videos to each site in your distribution is no longer necessary – upload to TubeMogul and let the Universal Upload tool do the rest. Then you can login to understand your viewership across online video sites in one place.
  • Increased Reach – with your videos on more sites at no extra effort, your opportunity to gain viewers multiplies! Users of Universal Upload have witnessed up to 3x more views per video.
  • Awesome Stats – know and understand how your videos are being used and tweak where needed.

Now, Kamary, you can have your YouTube power MurphyGoodeTV cake and eat it too!  Spread your word to all those great and top video sharing sites, lead your viewers to your hub (is that YouTubeTwitter?  Your blog? — tell them where to connect with you as you wrap up your videos!).

Was will man mehr? (yes, I did catch that on your video *smile*)

So go on over to Kamary’s blog, tell him Andy sent ya with great news about tubemogul!!!