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What a wonderful way to celebrate a twitter phenomena #followfriday!

Craig Given [@CGiven] submitted a great video for the Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent job and I was so glad to discover a fine guy over at his blog.  Today instead of plastering a #followfriday over on twitter, I want to recommend that you follow Craig and tell him thanks for this great article.  So without anymore distraction from me:

Craig Given:  Find Goode Inspiration


There’s a lot of people making videos for the Murphy-Goode “really goode job”, where they are talking about how much they love wine and how well they know how to use social networking tools.   If that’s not a ‘given’ for this job, then I don’t know what is.   What is going to inspire you to create something that will make you stand out over the pack?

My inspiration to make something funny & creative as opposed to a ‘resume style’ video came to me while I was watching someone else’s video.   I had a script all written that featured me talking for 60 seconds about how qualified I was.   I noticed a pattern of people doing this, and thought I needed something more to stand out.

In one particular video (I forgot which one exactly), the candidate had a glass of wine that they were about to drink.   The glass looked a little on the full side.  I was cheering them on in my head to down the whole glass, in as tasteless a fashion as possible, perhaps even spilling it right there on the video!  Of course, they didn’t do this but instead went the “cheesy” route by taking a small sip and giving some forced expression of satisfaction afterwards.

That night, in my dreams, I had my video idea epiphany.

What’s going to make you stand out above the pack?   What’s going to give you your Goode video epiphany?   One final note, look at the people you’d be working with.   Some humor or creativity could go a long way!

Wishing you loads of fun and inspiration while making your video for Murphy-Goode.

Craig Given

Twitter: @CGiven

Blog: Craig Given

Go Vote for Craig:  A Really Goode Job Application 593


Thanks Craig!

For more information about the making of Craig’s video I leave you with this quote:

Ok now it’s time to talk some smack! Some people submitted some really, really bad and boring videos. So, for all of you people who didn’t even try, here is The Murphy-Goode Job Applicants Video Fail Guide, featuring a list of trends and observations I noticed in other people’s videos that drove me nuts…

[head on over here to get Craig’s extensive “FAIL” list]