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In light of the big buzz around the niche of wine blogging, wine marketing and web2.0 savvyness for the Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent position, I present you all with yet another tech simplicity to increase your attractive services in the wine industry–well, for any industry gone online, for that matter!

Intorducing a custom search engine which is so easy to configure while also remains a “low profile search widget” yet helps drastically improve the visitor experience, collects relevant data and presents the publisher (that would be the blogger, you!) with excellent user-related statistics to help improve your own content.


Lijit provides an impressive search network creation dashboard where you can define and manage your trusted social networks connections. Basically you are creating your own search engine that searches your blog, bookmarks, photos, blog roll, and more…

But before I write up all about it, let me SHOW you lijit in action — working for the Goode of Murphy:

Don’t you agree:  being able to pull in your network to expand search results on your blog is great and an awesome way to increase the power of your network?  Social media goes bezeerk with lijit!

I mean, there are lots of bells and whistles, but their big service comes down to this–we can all search each other’s blogs from our own blogs… Awesome!

Did you want to check it out again in action?  Try Ed’s Winetonite or Rick’s Back to Bakas.  Go on, I dare you!

So if you have your own URL and can put up a lijit search engine, you might find it as awesome as I do!  It is a wonderful way to learn more and leverage the power of your networks network.

Now only if the guys at wordpress.com would create a way for the little foot-people of the blog-sphere–I know I would not be the only one here interested in such great services!

Note to Joel:  Would this not be an amazing tool to introduce to all your bloggers at the Wine Bloggers’ Conference next month?  Just imagine the power you unleash if everyone got into the loop!