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What a privilage today to present yet another guest post here. Immediately I was attracted to the layout and the obviously planned approach that Alina has taken with her approach to the Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent application process. What an amazing idea!

So without further ado, here is Alina Brown of the GoodeMovement campaign:

Why a beginning wine enthusiast might be the right choice for A Really Goode Job

The last few days I’ve been contemplating why I (or any other beginning wine enthusiast) could be the right choice for Murphy-Goode’s “Really Goode Job” opportunity. There is very little offered in the Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent job description that helps applicants identify in-depth qualities and contributions the winery is seeking in its ultimate candidate. This is not surprising – the “bang for the buck” element means that Murphy-Goode wants to open the field to as many people as possible, rightly so.

It is easy to say that the two critical factors for candidates are an interest in wine and expertise in social media. The two apparent frontrunners in the job search, Hardy Wallace ( @goodetobefirst) and Rick Bakas (@rickbakas), are prime examples of candidates with vast wine and social media expertise. It got me wondering, do I have a shot at this job without the relevant background in enology (a word I only learned a couple of weeks ago)?

Last night I tweeted @pmabray of Vintank, the “digital think tank for the wine industry,” which has upped the ante for Murphy Goode’s job search by offering $100,000 worth of strategic consulting services if M-G selects one of Vintank’s top four candidate picks.

My question: Curious, is wine expertise a critical or bonus factor in having a shot at [A Really Goode Job]? Is there any hope for novices?

@pmabray’s response: Wine expertise is helpful but strategic thinking, social media expertise, ebusiness experience, charisma & hustle win us over.

I liked this response. Partially, because ….

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I’d love to hear you opinions on this – poa st comment on my website or shoot me an email.

Cheers, Alina


People, this is hopeful news for any of us crazy willing enough to apply for the position.  Thanks again to Alina for offering her two cents and encouraging words.

I say:  Two thumbs up for Alina!  Go on over and give her a chat up on: