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Too much information:  TMI

You can probably google “how to create a stunning online portfolio for job applications” and find a whole slew of great “to-dos”.

But have you considered what NOT to allow to become part of their online persona. Beware of TMI about your personal life in regards to dating, sex, parties, booze, etc… on any of their social media platforms.

Those beer-bong YouTube videos or the photos with the stippers seem funny to some while in college…. but hiring
managers frown on such things when they discover them online.

Many, especially younger professionals, think that is just part of “who they are” and that it will either not be
viewed by recruiters and hiring managers. They create a professional site for their career, but then have the other
site for personal life. But too often they are found by a simple google search and it can lead to the job going to a
different candidate.

It is not just the social media resume that you need to pay attention to, but all your online information.

Make sure you keep your slate clean, clear and open for the future.  Now go get them!