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Joel Mackey does he make the cut for “A Really Goode Job”?

Dawn Pigoni thinks so and she is here to tell you why.  Thanks, Dawn for this short report:

I found out about Joel’s video last week while attending my internet mentor call with Joel. Towards the end of the call he showed us his video for Murphy-Goode’s Liars Dice wine contest and asked that we share our thoughts.
So for starters I voted for webaddict.

But why?

1. He truly is a social media leader. Webaddict isn’t just about getting tons of friends/followers, he’s about adding value and giving back, that is what truly makes a valuable social media person (yes I learned that from Joel). He always has his hands on the pulse of social media and shares the best information coming down the pipeline. Learning from Joel has truly helped me find and excel in my calling as a Social Media Virtual Assistant.

2. He has a great skill for writing compelling titles, articles/blogs and information that people stop and want to pay attention to. He can draw a crowd and entice them to stay and want more. His writings can always get a conversation started. He’s not afraid to stir up a storm or tell the truth.

3. Joel has been known to enjoy a fine glass of wine, although not normally on our call, he has mentioned his wines over the course of time I have known him.

4. Joel puts his heart and soul into everything he does, 110% is truly what he strives for.
Joel is a great leader when it comes to the internet world and social media. I truly believe that Joel would be a great fit for the Murphy-Goode’s job! I just hope that when Joel gets this job, he can still find time for our weekly social media mentor call 🙂 .

Dawn Pigoni
Social Media Virtual Assistant
Be Social Worldwide
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Thanks again Dawn.  I do have ONE tinsy, winsy question.  You call him Joel (and he calls himself on Twitter Joel) but on his application, he is “Michael” 😯 –did you notice?  Have any idea why?  I mean, we do have the *real* webaddict connected here, right?

Here are the stats for Joel