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Just discovered Dale Cruse“Must-Follow” list on Darren RowseTwiTip blog — golly, I remember reading this when he first posted it late last fall, which goes to show that great content is always an awesome source of new information!

Dale tosses out this list with the following reason:  phenomenal growth in every sector on twitter– including the wine industry.  Heck, even I am out beating the wine industry twitter path, so that has to mean something!

And since the Murphy-Goode job offer has hit the waves a whole tweet-load has joined me.  Got me to thinking:  who are my top ten must-follows for a really goode job?

Here is my list:

  1. @ProBlogger — Darren Rowse — you want to learn how to leverage Twitter for the Goode of Murphy, then get to know Darren.  The above mentioned Must-Follow list is a great start to find out who might be right up your alley and be able to really tweet to you.
  2. @BendTheWeb — Jack Humphrey — you want to understand how to blog and leverage the web from this side?  Start bending with Jack.  I have been following him also since day one of my online endeavors.  Great stuff comes your way daily.
  3. @Mashable — Pete Cashmore — want to understand what is hot online and start to sharpen your sense to getting the most out of your online time?  Pete is your man.
  4. @TheFlyLady — these ladies have a great system up and going and are helping people world wide.  I have learned heaps just by observing how the whole fly-net is structured and how they just go out and help, help, help.  Inspirational and great lessons can be learned by whoever likes to think around the corner (and find new techniques to adapt to your own strategies).
  5. @MizFitOnline — Carla has to be one of those bright stars when it comes to motivation and engaging her readers… I sincerely doubt she even sleeps (although she has assured me otherwise)–how can anyone be so into communicating to other people?  Excellent person to follow and get a taste of what it means to feed your following.
  6. @SkinnyJeans — Steph comes right up there with Carla and the fly people.  You want to understand how to connect with your fleet, then you need to study the best.  These ladies do not spam and they offer value, honesty, integrety and interest in the individual.  This is what I strive for with my twitter time!
  7. @RickButts — Rick Butts — conservative radio show host, pro-blogger.  Want someone to follow whom you can study on how to use mp3/radio power?  Rick is your man.
  8. @garyvee — Gary Vaynerchuck — ok, to try to make a top ten list without actually mentioning a wine buz person for the MG teamers to follow is just not gonna work.  You want to understand how to leverage video?  Gary is your man– but you get more than you ask for, so consider yourself forwarned!
  9. @ihelpu — Andrea Schmitz — go have a look at how you can use twitter to let people help people.  This is a great study in how to leverage TweetAlert for the benefit of all the tweeple out there.  There is an automatic follow set up but it has grown from zero followers to it’s size today with NO advertisement from me–this is pure organic growth from the tweeple giving a tweet of recommendation.
  10. @AquaOlogy — Andrea Schmitz — start-up last night.  No automatic follow (yikes!), but service pure.  This is my new “let me help you along in your day” tweet with practical hourly hydration tips.  Want to see how this takes off and people find value, retweet and allow this account to grow into a useful and powerful tool?  All I do is tell you to go have a drink of water… the tweeple do the rest!

So, my friends… this is my must follow list.  There are loads of great tweeple out there, though,  so hit me up in the comments and share your “must-follow” with me and the community at large!