Do you know Betsy?  She is the kind of girl who loves a full bodied wine…  please come with me and learn a wee bit more about Betsy and decide for yourself:  Is she a really goode girl?  The following article was written by Betsy White:

There are a lot of people who want this job.

I dream big and go big with all that I do. I love wine, people, social networking, writing, and obviously…I love making movies. I am continually creating in my personal and work life, therefore, ecstatic about the prospects of working for Murphy-Goode.

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I guarantee that I will bring innovative, unique, and unbelievably clever marketing opportunities to the table.  I have continually executed all previous career challenges with great success. I have directed, choreographed, and acted as set designer/costume designer for over ten main stage productions with up to 50 kids varying in ages from eight to fourteen. My boss recently described me “the one who makes miracles happen”. What does this have to do with wine? A lot! I believe the best candidate for this job is someone who is fresh, creative, excited, and fully available on every level.  Murphy-Goode needs a person with real passion and zeal for life with a track record of successful creative endeavors.

I work diligently, never quit and love a good challenge. When I was 16, I raised $3,500 on my own by selling grapefruit and oranges. Yes, I sold fruit, which allowed me to spend two months as a health worker in rural Paraguay where I dug latrines, taught little kids how to brush their teeth and enabled a severely impoverished indigenous community an opportunity to live healthier. I have an arsenal of interesting stories, a solid history of making lemonade out of lemons, and an ability to bring dreams to fruition out of thin air.

There are a lot of people who want this job. I on the other hand was made for this job! I welcome any further questions and/or inquiries.

Please check out my video and vote for me!

Betsy White is very “goode” for Murphy-Goode!


Thanks, Betsy!

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