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Imagine my joy to find one of my favorite and most inspiring bloggers gave an interview way over at BuzzLogic (double cool, really) and it gets BETTER.  They are talking over a glass of wine!!!  (Are your ears ringing yet?  That is right, some awesome lessons coming your way!!!)

You might say:  oh, she is talking about monetizing, I am not in to that… but I say:  wait!  She is not going to be able to monetize if she cannot engage her readers… so watch and learn.

Blog your journey, make yourself accountable to your goals… just awesome stuff.

Please join Valerie Combs of BuzzLogic’s Vino Diaries episode 24 with guest Stephanie Quilao of BackInSkinnyJeans fame (mentioned here on my “must-follow” twitter list).

(And to my credit *smile* I do know how to pronounce “Weingut Berg Sekt Brut Mosel”–ha!  How do you like them apples grapes!)

It is not really about monetization, is it, it is about selling yourself.  How do you do this?  Stephanie says essentially:  be versatile, don’t count on one avenue to open all the doors.

What other tips can you add?

(Oh, and by-the-way, we have been discussing “whitepapers” recently, have you noticed that BuzzLogic also has a few of those kicking around?)