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Frankie goes to Hollywood, Frankie, will you remember me? and Frank loves wine.  Something about the name Frank sticks.  Don’t you think?  Perhaps it is the aura of “you’re gonna make it big” or “with this name you are gonna go places”?  This is what I thought when I discovered Frank on the journey to Sonoma county… but then I began to wonder:  is this guy capable of saying anything else other than “today I filmed this, tomorrow I will film that”… geesh, what do we have here, a camera geek?

Well, I am sure you will agree, Frank can also write posts!  And once you read Franks article below you will have a greater understanding as to why he is Frank the Film-guy.  So without further ado, it is my privelage to host a post by Frank Gutierrez, film fanatic and Murphy-Goode hopeful:

Hi Andy,

Thanks for asking me to join your blog. I think you’ve done an amazing job networking everyone together for this Murphy-Goode campaign. Social networking is a new adventure for me and I’ve learned a lot by following your site and my new friends Hardy Wallace and Rick Bakas.

As a young child I grew up in Napa a few miles away from The Queen of the Valley Hospital where I was born. My grandfather built the Adventist Church in Yountville where they still live today and my uncle Jeff would round up the all the kids and take us on treasure hunts throughout the back trials of the valley.

The young Frank and the maturing Frank with his lovely fiancé Anita

The young Frank and the maturing Frank with his lovely fiancé Anita


I got my degree in Motion Pictures & Television at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco… and that’s where I met my beautiful fiancé Anita Gouloomian! We meet at a local Starbucks across the street to discuss a camera situation for her student film and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

We moved to Los Angeles together and started making films, working in television and producing commercials. I didn’t drink alcohol before I was 25. When I did, I started with a couple kamikazes one night and did not feel the effects until I tried to stand up.  I felt incredibly dizzy and felt the sudden urge for Taco Bell. As my drinking experience grew so did my taste, my palate, my thirst for wine.

I believe my journey started one sunny day when my brother-in-law, Randy Fisher, introduced my family to Van Der Heyden, a small family owned winery in Napa, just off Silverado Trail. They produce what is known as a Late Harvest Cabernet Sauvignon. It was one of the most awesome experiences of my life. After that first sip, time itself stood still. It WILL make you believe in God. From that point on I’ve been very eager to taste wine and understand the formula behind its creation.


My goal is to someday manage my own winery and contribute to the legacy that those before me started. My motto is “You only live once, so you better do what you love.” Murphy Goode has given me motivation to build my network and plunge into the future. For me it’s not about the money or the popularity, I just want to be in the wine business and I want to use the skills I’ve gained in the film industry to take me there. Above all I’ve been humbled by the great response of the people I’ve meet and my friends who have supported me.

Thank you!


Now it is my turn to say “thank you”, Frank.  Your video is a piece of art and we will be sure to see more of you in the future!

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