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Who would have thunk that you can have a whopping great time with the wine-minded bloggers out there across the Atlantic?  I joined the party because I wanted to learn, and learn I have.  But my learning has been way different than I anticipated.  I expected to be the flower pot on the window sill of which no one takes notice–until I realized that this blossom here can connect with all you Goode Hopefuls out there!

So I started to watch the videos and this has provided me with some great entertainment… and whenever I could I searched out those whose videos really hit me in one way or another.  And this is how I come to present to you Miss Raptor Control, Casey Boshae.  Without further ado, the talented Casey:

“Me, Murph’ and A Goode Glass of Vino”

casey boshae vinotv murphy-goodeYesterday I actually had to stop and remind myself to breath (and have a glass of water, thank you Andrea). With the tidal wave of activity surrounding the Goode Job, I of late have been so caught up with, “read, blog, post, tweet, repeat,” and have been so consumed with being virtually social, that I have forgotten the reason that I was doing this in the first place: to be Vino-lly Social! See, the thing is, by and large we all love wine not because of its ‘tannins’ or ‘bouquet‘ or percentage of malolactic blah blah blah, but because it brings us together. Now, yes, some gloomy days you just want to sit alone in your walk-in closet and down a bottle of cheap Cab, BUT for the most part, the best thing about popping that cork is when you know it’s on the advent of your next great dinner party, or chill night out with some of your closest friends. Seeing that certain bottle of wine in the store can instantly take you back to some fabulous memories. This, the chance to spread the word on wine and what great social lubricant it can be is what excites me about the Murphy Goode job!

One of the best experiences I had on my recent Napa/Sonoma trip came from a very unexpected place. Three of us in our party went on a tour of a pretty high end winery that we were honestly expecting to be kinda stuffy. We were lumped in with 6 other strangers for the tour. After a show of the winery etc. we were lead to a room with a huge round table and given our tasting glasses. The tour guide then sat down at the head of the table, looked at us and said, ‘Ok! Talk!’ After a couple awkward minutes and a few sips we all began blabbing incessantly. I had an absolute blast getting to know 6 other people from all over the country. If the guide had been more focused on inundating us with information (tasting notes, prices, sales) than he was on the whole great picture of what wine and socializing can do, then we never would have had that fabulous moment.

I know that there are many of us who want the Goode job. Go for it! BUT when all is said and done, and that one person out of many is hired, don’t forget what this has all sparked: Connectivity. Keep going with the tweets and the blogs and the information! Keep reaching out and finding new wine-or whatever-lovers! But keep the big picture in mind: That wine, like life, is a great thing to connect online about-but its best when drunken it! Let a Goode job search continue into good memories for you! Oh, and, don’t forget to breath…

Casey Boshae
Thanks so much, Casey!
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