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“Applicants will be evaluated based on their communication skills, personal presentation, the technical proficiency of the video, the content of, and experience demonstrated in the video and short written submission, and their motivation. In addition they will be assessed on their potential to engage the media — their ‘media presence,’ confidence and ability to clearly convey their messages. No one criterion is more important than another.”

These are the expectations of Murphy-Goode of all applicants.

Tip 10:  Get over your ego.

Tip 9:  Get over your pride.  Know your limitations and know who can help you overcome them.

Recently I had the thread going which got down to the nitty gritty of the VinTank pro-bono offer of $100K worth of tech consulting if one of thier top 4 picks gets chosen by Murphy-Goode.  Not few thought this to be a form of  bribery, however thanks to the open conversation here and else where as well as quite a few private emails between Paul Mabray and virtually anyone truely interested in comprehending what was in the works.

For some this opportunity to be one of the top 4 or at least make the short-list might be exactly what they need and it may be necissary to get over your pride to contact VinTank with a 250 word email stating why they should consider you.

On another leaf, it may also be important for you to understand what the public relations director at Murphy-Goode has to say about the VinTank offer (here the original comment: loads of questions and comments) (here the sticky post: few comments)

My personal greatest challenge for this specific job application is the fact that I am not American and more specifically, I do not have a work permit in my pocket.  So I have decided to seek professional help from a fellow european living in California… he may not be able to consolidate his finances, but he might be able to help me!

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

I have been inspired to apply for the California based job as Gewürztraminator and am soliciting your help as former Terminator and present Governator.  Being a Canadian living in Germany I cannot possibly come up with a working permit in such a short time, that is unless I have a little help from an influential person such as yourself.

Do you think you could help me aquire a visa quickly for this six month gig?  If this is not possible, would you consider writing a guest post to my blog perhaps on how to live the American Dream?  That would be wunderbar!

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request,

yours truely and Grüße aus Deutschland,

Andrea Schmitz

So now I wonder if I should be preparing an application video?

(Tips 8-1 coming soon!)