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I make no secret about never having tasted wine before.  I am also not qualified to give out marketing strategies, since I have also never studied marketing… and to be honest, I am not as savvy as most of you think when it comes to social media.

But I do know how to hop around on the net and pick up snippets of informaiton and my mind is kind of like a wide open cellar filled to the brim with stuff — taken seperately every trinket is seemingly worthless but for the collector (that would be me) it is valuable and is strongly connected with at least one other item stashed in the basement.  And out of the chaos come ideas, understanding, sharp vision.  Or as in this case:   a whole can full of questions.

We have been talking these past weeks about the wine industry, social media, marketing, networking and how to land areallygoodejob.  There was the wee controversy with VinTank and a struggle to really understand what it is that Murphy-Goode is aiming at with this job application process.  Sure, they want to step up their sales, increase brand awareness and move their company forward in times of economic woes.   But that still doesn’t answer the question of what social media is and how this applies to the wine industry, does it?

Over at the Crazy Bugger I discovered a What is Social Media short-list or truth-list where amoungst this list the following truths can be found:

  • Social Media is not a revolution in communications, it is an evolution in how we share information and interact with our peers
  • Social Media is not an additional program…it is enhancing how we are already communicating

Reflecting upon these two truths I come back to the understanding that a social media campaign such as the one Murphy-Goode has recently embarked upon must be a continuation — an evolution — of what they have been doing all along:   How has MG traditionally been interacting with customers, retailers and fellow wine makers?  How will this be transferred via the Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent to the social networks?

Digging deeper, this correspondent will be using the social media to enhance that which already exists within the Murphy-Goode strategy.

My questions to you today are following:

How are you sharing information today?

    1. Are you offering value?
    2. Are you connected on multiple networks?
    3. Are you/is your information “findable”?  (Are you optimizing and leveraging the social networks to your advantage?)

    How is your interaction amoungst your peers (for example within the reallygoodejob crowd)?

    1. Are you hanging out with the cliques?  (Is your focus only on areallygoodejob circles or are you reaching a wider circle of people?)
    2. Are you focussed on yourself?  (Vote for me.  Look at me.)
    3. Are you focussed on your peers?
    4. Are you genuine in your interaction?  (Do you really want to see others prosper in their internet endeavors or do you just want to look like someone who cares but really is only out there to “look good”?)

    How is your current online strategy prooving that you are the right choice for the Murphy-Goode Winery?

    I want to close with Crazy Bugger‘s words from another post, the Future of Social Media:

    Ask yourself. Are you still trying to get journalists to write about your products? Are you still making websites? Is your social networking strategy to ‘get a Facebook Page’?


    Are you making yourself a natural part of people’s stream of information?

    For us that can mean:  Are you still trying to get other bloggers/twitterers to write about your campaign?  Or are you making yourself a natural part of people’s stream of information?