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What an incredible journey this Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondence job application process!  Virtually opening opportunities to facillitate communication across the board over a glass of wine.  Along the way it has become one of my delights to allow you, the job applicant, the opportunity to speak to my readers on topics which have brought us all together:  Wine, the applicant and Web2.0.

Would you like to take this opportunity to post something to my blog?  It is a great way to create deep links to your own blog, show yourself from a different perspecitive than in twitter, expose yourself to a different readership than your facebook buddies.  And it is an awesome way to let us know a bit about yourself while you help us to understand how you fit into the big Murphy-Goode picture.

Here is the guideline I have started to give to anyone interested in posting:
Have you had a look at the diversity of what applicants have had written?

Choose something which will give you some punch to your application:  something new (not a re-post you have done elsewhere), something you (be original and let your own qualitites shine through), something valuable (give us something to chew on, bring us further or entertain us!), something to provoke a reaction from my readers (and then hang around to connect with those who comment).

This is a great way to show MG (and the other wineries who are watching EVERYTHING going on) what you have to offer!  Just don’t try to do it all in one post (if you do it well, no fear, you will be a welcome guest poster on my blog again if that suits your purpose) = concentrate on one aspect, one style and run with it!

You can email your post (Andysgoodejob @ blogdichfrei.com) or you can be added as an author to the blog:  I would need a wordpress.com e-mail–meaning if you are already a blogger at wp then I need that relevant email address and you will be “automatically added as an author” once I put your email in the admin area.  If you are not at wordpress.com but would like to post directly to the blog, I can “invite” you –this takes a few moments of your time then to register, but being tech savvy you will figure it out quickly– and once you are registered I can “upgrade” you to be an author.

So let me know what your thinking is as well as your “time-line”–when do you expect to have something for me?  (If you post direct, then just post it when you are ready, if I am to post it on your behalf, then you need to consider that I might take up to 24 hrs to actually do the posting.)

Looking forward to having you as a guest!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or your guest post!