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Moving along in our series of socially getting to know one another over the topic of wine, I would love to get as many Goode hopefuls up and participating in my first Wine Bloggers Web2.0 Carnival, dedicated to Hardy Wallace and his call out to all of us to “bring wine home“.

Let us take this opportunity to unite all blogs and bloggers through answering your choice of the following three questions in a manner which will show the people at Murphy-Goode why *YOU* are their Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent.  Show us how you will bring wine home.  To your own blog.  To your own readers.

Choose one question to answer:

  1. When I drink red wine, I often get the dreaded “red wine teeth,” which is an embarrassing condition to have at a party when I intend on talking, smiling, or otherwise showing my newly wine-stained chompers. And is there any way to reduce this affliction without hampering my enjoyment of reds?
  2. What are your tips to avoid “palate fatigue” when tasting so many wines in a session?
  3. Why smell the cork?

Choose a medium to answer:

  1. Video — posted to your blog
  2. Podcast — posted to your blog
  3. Blog post — posted to your blog or hosted on another blog

Publicize your answer to your own blog (or find someone to host your guest post) and include a trackback to this blog post so that we all know that you have submitted an answer and where to find it.

All submissions must trackback to here by Friday, June 19th, 2009 to be considered.

There are three categories which will allow you to win a prize:

  • People’s choice via poll:  Starting Saturday, 20th June to Friday 26th June there will be a poll open for anyone to come and vote for the people’s choice.
  • People’s choice via comments: The submission which generates the most comments (on the submitted posting) will also win a prize.
  • My choice: I will choose my favorite entries according to these values (all of which are purely subjective and may or may not reflect Murphy-Goode’s or anyone else’s criteria for that matter)–
  • entertainment
  • education
  • network quality
  • Special mention will go to all other wine bloggers who participate but are  not applying for the Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent job.

What a great way to show how you can connect with your readers on the very topic of wine — bring it home to your blog and let’s have a hay-day with it!  The grapes are ripe, so to speak, as all videos are submitted and the decisions are being made:  who will be able to use this carnival to juice their social networking competence while all Murphy-Goode eyes are scoping the territory looking to make that one golden decision!

*Disclaimer:  This is NOT endorsed by Murphy-Goode.  Partaking or not partaking in this carneval may or may not influence your chances to become the Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent.