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I am an idiot.

There.  I have said it.

Here I go flapping my fingers all over the place and invite all you goode people to GIVE ME YOUR GREAT CONTENT (cause I am also a hog) and then I go and do this royally embarrasing flop:  I received some very useful information in form of a guest post by Hardy aka Dirty Wallace on May 19th, 2009 and I DID NOT DISCOVER IT UNTIL THIS MORNING.

People.  I am so sorry.  Hardy has great news for all of you out there and I neglected to get it out to you sooner.

*note to all who are still waiting for your guest posts to be published–should there be more–please send me an email or hit me up at twitter and kindly ask what has happened… I certainly hope I have not missed anyone else, but these days, I am really not sure*

Hardy it is my pleasure to finally put you right out front on my blog!  If you haven’t met Hardy yet (where the heck have you been?), you gonna apprecaite his article here and below are some ways you can connect with Dirty…


Video Distribution

My traditional video upload process was this– Log into YouTube, upload, wait. (Maybe make coffee, grab a sandwich, and well still wait). Then log into Viddler and repeat the process… Though I could do somethings while waiting, I was still using valuable time getting videos uploaded, and also ignoring other video sites because I had zero desire to repeat the process.

Andrea at “Andy’s Goode Life Blog” left a comment on my Goode To Be First blog the other day questioning why I was not uploading simultaneously. A bell rang, lightning struck, and I typed in some searches and came across TubeMogul. A cool tool / site that enables you to upload to many sites all at once, but better than that, it allows you to view the traffic and trends on all of these videos from a single location. Wow.

Though YouTube gets the bulk of the online video traffic, there are still plenty of other sites out there that can give you incremental eyeballs. I’ve always liked the simplicity and cleanliness of Viddler, and Vimeo is also coming on strong. The point is, why neglect any outlets, especially some like Graspr and Howcast that focus on “How To” content. I immediately included them with in my upload of “How To Open A Wine Bottle” (I hope they have a sense of humor). Why? Incremental eyeballs and outlets regardless of market share are still incremental views and multiply the chance of your videos being found, viewed, and ultimately driving traffic back to you.

Though a vast improvement on uploading site by site, TubeMogul does take a little bit of time, but you can go about your business while the videos upload. One issue that is a little bit of a challenge– If you are shooting HD and or have a long video that is over 300MB. You need to email TubeMogul to get this started.

I thank Andrea for the kick in the rump. Now I’m working smarter.


Thanks Hardy!  I even learned something here:  I could submit a good deal of my videos to the “how-to” video site… Need to check into that for sure!

Have you seen Hardy’s video?

You can vote here for Hardy (even if you have already voted for someone else… 😀 )

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