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I am having a very exciting week, people!  After wearing my hair long for the past few years I had it chopped off in March this year in the hopes to control my hormonal hair-loss…  I contemplated writing an entry about the whole dilemma—having painstakingly clear the drain each time I shower (half way through the shower) to enable the water to flow off, daily vaccuming enough hair to make a decent sized carpet out of and the ritual cleaning of the vaccum filter before tomorrows “wash-rinse-repeat” deal—but then I realized that it’s possible that no one cares as much about the state of my hair as I do.

(Oh, the irony of a blogger realizing that ANYTHING is only interesting to her. Ha!)

So instead of talking about my hair, we can delve right into TODAY’s adventure, which was going to see a gynecologist! Because that’s totally of interest to everyone!

What?  What is that you say?  You don’t want to hear it?  You have pretended your general practitioner does not exist avoided your doctors successfully for the past — what? — 15 years?  But surely you have been to the dentist twice a year, right?

Why not?  What are  you afraid of?

Well, since we are talking so openly with each other today (thanks for your trust), I must confess that there are a few things I generally block out of my mind:  dentists, gynocologists and even somethings floating around the social media scene.  FEAR can hinder us from many things.  Sometimes fear is based on past (unpleasant) experience, often times though it is completely irrational.

In previous posts I have covered the first three tips to landing a social media dream job:

Tip 10:  Get over your ego

Tip 9:  Get over your pride

Tip 8:  Know your (future) product or industry

Today I present you with tip 7: 

Get over your fear

Speaking of the social network scene I have only recently discovered thanks to the Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent job, you might be surprised to discover that Andy has some deep social media fears she is learning to overcome.

One such fear was the call to the New Wine Consumer podcast on June 2, 2009:  Murphy-Goode candidates live.  Can you imagine my apprehension?  I mean it was *live*.  What the heck could I talk about on a live show filled with all those MG hopefuls?  I have never drunk a drip of anything stronger than grape juice!  I have never been to a vineyard!  I have never been on a talk show, radio show and never done anything *live* (well, except living of course).

Before the show on the 2nd I was telling two friends about my blog and the progress I am making and Randulo’s radio show.  The second friend actually had missed the beginning of the conversation and she said:  What?  You have been invited to do what with a guy living in a bordelle?  (Randy lives in Bordeaux, France.)  Yeah, I said, and I don’t know what to wear?

We had a good laugh, but deep down mine was a nervous laughter.  I was scared to make the call.  Afraid to make a complete fool out of myself.  Here on my blog, I can take my time, organize my thoughts and generally ignore issues until I am ready to deal with them.  But *live* and with *no script* and *other free-thinking, free-speaking* people involved?  (Gosh, I am beginning to wonder if I am a control freak?)

So I conveniently did not make the call.  I told Randy it was because I was feeding my family (five hungry kids at dinner time, it was not a lie, but I wasn’t truely showing Randy my hand).  Too bad, ’cause the podcast was great and it would have been so much fun to connect with those people I have met virtually along this short yet intense journey.

Imagine my shock when Randy asked me to join him on the next podcast.  Let me show you how this guy works:

randulo new wine consumer 1

I actually do not remember “committing” to attend, but I do remember saying that the timing is not the greatest for me and my family.

But if you think I was kind of lamed after that invitation (which with my lack of professionality I was kind of thinking to conviently “not show up to again” — if you want me to be painfully shamefully honest), he sends out this tweet on Monday, ONE DAY before that next show he had invited me to and he apparently ignored my answer WENT OFF LINE RIGHT AFTER SENDING IT!

randulo new wine consumer 2

Hello?  Let me tell you about my issues with FEAR.  Holy smoke.  No way I want to let Randy down now!  How can I leave someone who has is expecting me to do something for him?  And how totally unprofessional this would be for me to NOT show.  Yikes.  (Oh, and excuse me:  “the main guest”?  How did I get myself into this?  Yikes!)

People.  I learned a valuable lesson this past Tuesday.  If you want to go anywhere with your social media campaign, you need to get over your fear. What ever it is: find a way to get control over your fear.  Deal with it before it deals with you.

I had a great time on the call.  I realized that I need to learn a few things if I want to be involved with podcasts in any way in the future.  I got to connect with some really neat people and it has been a mind-opening experience — one of many along this great journey Murphy-Goode has opened up for so many of us!

You can find Randy’s podcasts at the New Wine Consumer.

What have you been avoiding because fear has kept you back?