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Ladies and Gentlemen, this whole networking sh-bang thanks to Murphy-Goode has really started to take on it’s own dynamic… over at FrankLovesWine I was pleased to see someone taking some bold steps to pull together the Murphy-Goode hopefulls into a forum to perhaps do what I was already considering (but had not yet finished *thinking* about):  A Mastermind group (well, that was my idea, anyway).

So I did what I usually did:  jumped on the band wagon and guess what?  Not only was I the first to opt in, I also have a great guest post for you from Anita, Frank’s fiancée and co-founder of…
winepros your professional wine network 400

Congratulations Andy for being our first “WinePros” member! And thanks for asking me to write this guest post.

WinePros was an idea I had one evening while filtering through all my “CoPros” – work emails.

When I have a question in my business I have a network of peers to turn to. And believe me in our business we always need something bizarre…
……..need a car junkyard, of the “crushed into cubes, stacked into a wall of cars” variety… the grimier the better… a nice patina of old…
……..need a Russian Translator to help us out next week on Monday in NYC. Also, what’s a fair rate for a translator for a day?
……..need a horse treadmill and the kind they can gallop on – Yes I said Horse Treadmill….


Who can you network with?

WinePros isn’t your mothers Facebook:

I don’t want to know if you had a nice dinner with your brother – or – the latest cool video about lonely little boy and his light saber, on YouTube.

WinePros is Your Professional Wine Network.

If you need to find a wine suppliers number for an event you’re hosting _ WinePros

If you want advice about experienced Bottling plants _ WinePros

WinePros – Description

A network to exchange ideas and needs for the wine & blogging industry.

This network was created to be a safe haven for the Murphy-Goode candidates, outside of the competitive zone.

* An email community full of like-minded people.
* Need to find a vendor, request feedback or contact info, this would be the place.
* Upload / Download files and reports to share and strengthen the community.
*  Create a Pole for an idea you might have.

WinePros: We’re Expanding – June 20th

A few serious Murphy Goode Applicants have trickled in.

However the response from Other Wine Related vendors has been great!

Starting June 20th -the WinePros Network will be Open to the Wine Public. This allows time for any Murphy Goode applicants to ask their final questions before the Video Deadline June 19th.

See you there!


If you would like to subscribe to this group you have 2 options:
1. Click here to Join.  (Yahoo Account Required)
2. Send an email to WinePros-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


Thanks Anita!  What can I say?  Well, I have already generated great content for you my blog readers based on some happening conversations over at WinePros, so if you aren’t there, you are missing out on an opportunity to “pick everyone’s brains” on a topic of your choice.  The group will only be as strong as the people who contribute to it, so hop on over and join the action.  I can only say that it has benefited me and my networking so far.

Go check out Franks original post:  A Haven for AreallyGoodeJob Applicants