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One of my greatest challenges with this MG action has been the whole time zone issues.  Living Germany means I am 6 hours ahead of NewYork and 9 hours ahead of California.  To make a long story short, y’all are typing up a storm when I am sleeping or tending to my family.  This has challenged me especially in regards to making sure you get the information I want you to get *when*  I want you to get it (like while you are surfing the web looking at your MG success, commenting on the blogs etc.).

One strategy was to open this blog to others in the MG loop to guest post — going so far to give “authorship” writes rights liberally (have yet to turn someon down).  It has been a sweet situation for me:  off to bed I go and abracadabra, when I wake up, there is fresh content on my blog!  Wow!

This happened last night, which is the reason why I am only now coming to add my two cents to this post, offered to you by Jean Wilson, aka Wilma, aka redwinediva.  I met Jean over at the openwineconsortium and I must say she has an intriguing story to tell and the last time I checked, she must have some social media clout:  she was in the top 50 according to votes.  I will give you some more details after Jean’s post, I’ll let you read about her love story with wine:


Murphy’s Law — Drink Goode Wine

I have always enjoyed sitting around the table with friends and acquaintances and discovering a good bottle of wine. This exploration stems from one of my fondest childhood memories: stomping grapes barefoot in an old washtub in the middle of my grandmother’s kitchen. I even remember what I was wearing. And yes, they actually drank the wine! So my fascination with wine began early on.

I have wanted to be in the wine industry for years; however, I had a really good job that I couldn’t walk away from. I worked for two different NASCAR Race Teams (Richard Childress Racing and Richard Petty Racing) for more than 12 years. With Richard Petty Racing closing the doors in January, I am now unemployed. One might think this would be upsetting but this opportunity has presented itself and for me the timing is perfect! There are very few people who can leave their lives behind and move across the country for six months to pursue something like this; but I can.

I have a lot to learn about wine and the wine industry and as I start down this new path, I want to share the excitement of everything I learn through all forms of social media from the viewpoint of a novice. My excitement will be apparent in everything I say and do. People who are not wine enthusiasts will be able to understand and appreciate the wonderful world of wine. Those who already appreciate wine will simply enjoy being along for the ride.

In the spirit of demonstrating my distinct uniqueness, I am borrowing from David Letterman and presenting you with the


10. Goode personality – laugh easily and make others laugh

9. Fun to work with

8. Acute sense of urgency – sets own deadlines and doesn’t put things off

7. After 12 years in NASCAR, fully understand how critical image and branding are to being successful (but did I mention that I am fun to work with?)

6. Business savvy – Bachelor’s degree from Tennessee Technological University with a major in Business and a concentration in Accounting

5. True appreciation of professional and social networking

4. Full understanding of social media

3. Innovative and creative (and did I mention that I am fun to work with?)

2. Sense of adventure especially when it comes to wine and travel

And the #1 reason to support Jean Wilson

1. I know how to find that elusive picnic spot to enjoy a Goode bottle of wine.

I use professional and social networking sites on a daily basis. I have been on LinkedIn for several years now. I created my own group on LinkedIn for NCACPA’s (North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants). The Association has recently decided to increase their online presence and have asked for my input. Public Profile: Jean on LinkedIn

Like most people, I am on Facebook. I have two accounts – one for me personally and one for Favorite Lyrics. I go to Favorite Lyrics daily and post the lyrics for what I perceive to be great songs. It is open for all the members to post lyrics as well. The friends list for Favorite Lyrics grows daily. I also have a Fan Page for “Jean’s Video for a Really Goode Job.”

Then I am on Open Wine Consortium as well where I actively participate in the online forum and discussion boards. Profile: Jean on Open Wine Consortium

When I realized last December that my job with Richard Petty Racing was going away, I decided to create a blog that talked about being unemployed. The main reason I started the blog was to help me deal with not having a job. I try to do the blog with a sense of humor. I believe laughter keeps us young and alive, it brings more meaning to life and it makes relationships flourish.

I also have some wine blogs that I follow. Its fun and it’s interesting to get so many different perspectives on wine. My favorite blogs, though, are the ones that show the wineries up close and personal. Even though I have toured local North Carolina wineries, I love being able to share in the experience by reading these blogs. That is what I want to bring to Murphy Goode Winery. I want to share my experience in such a way that the readers and followers will feel like they are right there with me enjoying every sip, every new experience and every memory.


Jean, thank you for taking up the challenge to become a wordpress blogger, you are a welcome author here.  I have never crushed grapes with my feet–is it a cold, squishy feeling?  *Wonder if I should find a local winery and plan a fall event with my kids?*

So I know you are curious–which video was Jean’s?  I’ll show you:

You can vote for Jean here.

Catch Jean at: