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Coming to a theater near you: Food Inc.

Last summer I read Eric Schlosser’s “Chew on This” and deemed it a “must read” for my kids when they are 14-15 years old. Yes. In fact I might turn it into a “family read-aloud” (what, you don’t read aloud to your older kids?).

And I have been a merging fan of Michael Pollen, although I do not agree with all of his conclusions, his observations are very keen, extremely sharp. I like that.

So now I wish I lived in North America… but noooo, I have to wait till all gets translated to German before I can go to see a compelling show. To my advantage: I can hear from you, is it worth the money? Should/can I take my 10 and 12 year old?

Have you seen it? Gonna see it? What do you think about it?