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Taylor loves grapesI’m the horse-of-a-different color in this race to be Goode. I come from “old” media, have transitioned to the “new” media world, but have always snarkily written for the curious, novice wine consumer. I embraced Facebook a while ago, have dragged countless people into its addictive fray and recently dived into the crowded Twitter/Digg/Tumblr pool. It wasn’t from lack of interest… more lack of time. But I realize I’ve been missing some fun stuff that’s making waves. Big time.

I started writing a wine education column in 2001, dubbed Corkscrew, after seeing the success of my local Tampa launch of Wine Brats. For those not familiar with this now-defunct wine events org, it was founded by winemakers/growers Jeff Bundchu, Mike Sangiacomo and Jon Sebastiani in the early 90’s to introduce a younger generation to wine. By slapping wine down off its pedantic pedestal, eschewing jazz and all wine-worn habits, the tastings brought hundreds of budding, young wine lovers together for the first time. I successfully created a local social networking community, much like the online Twitter today, only you can reach out and actually touch someone (and that’s happened many times… wine + young people = hookups). The club still thrives and has almost 4,000 members. In the past, we’ve marketed online and through email. Now, also through Facebook.

Wine wasn’t served at my family’s dinner table; scotch, water and kamikazes reigned. But I began my food foray at the ripe, short age of eight, making pancakes while balancing on a stool to reach the burner. I followed my passion into the fine dining business, settling into the pastry section of commercial kitchens, and went to a two-year hotel and restaurant management in Switzerland to perfect the craft. It was there I naturally fell in love. With wine. And, of course, European culture.

I became intimate with Burgundy, Bordeaux and Alsace before Sonoma, Monterey and Columbia. But we all hang out regularly now. And my favorite beverage is more popular now than ever; on the verge of becoming *the* drink of America — something my dreams are made of. Murphy-Goode’s innovative move will only help edge the needle notches in the right direction. Bring on the vino, ya’ll.

Alongside my wine writing, my life has been embroiled in the online world. I developed and implemented my first food and wine website in 1997, when “online” was a nascent idea. SQL, HTML and XML have been part of my vocabulary ever since, in addition to bung, barrel and thief. I’ve straddled both worlds for so long, they’re my comfy running shoes stained with reddish vineyard clay. Being a wine country correspondent is a natural fit for me.

Yes, It’s a sweet gig. Yes, I’m qualified. But whoever gets the job will be forging new lines in the sand, leading people to the promised vinous land. Good luck to everyone—it’s all riding on you. No pressure.

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Hey, Taylor!  Amazing things happen to my blog when I am not paying attention.  Thanks for joining the crew and helping to make this blog a true Murphy-Goode winner blog!

Just to give you all the heads up, this is Taylor Eason of Tampa, Florida letting you know why she is a great catch for the big fish at MG.  Here is her video:

And you can vote for Taylor here (yes, you can vote for more than one person, so don’t be shy!)

Catch Taylor on Twitter:  @tayloreason