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guest post by Rhoby Schempp

These days there are sooooo many vehicles for entering the social media sphere to connect and share it can become overwhelming. Each platform has become a microcosm of information, experience and expertise’s.

While promoting my video application for “A really Goode job”, along with many other impressive applicants, I dove into as many social media platforms as I could. I have been reaching out and connecting on social media platforms stretching far and across the world wide web.

Last week, I found my niche on Linkedin. During this process of developing my web presence, I have spent a lot of time beefing up my Linkedin profile.  When you google yourself your Linkedin profile should be the FIRST thing that pops up. Linkedin is powerful. Be sure to update your status and MOST importantly…

1. be sure to enter key words in your “professional headline”.  Here is an example of mine: http://www.linkedin.com/in/rhobys.  Keywords are the FIRST piece of info people see when checking you out. It pulls everything together very quickly.

2. Make sure your resume on Linked is up to date and forecasts your future plans and endeavors.

3. (and what I found to be extremely fortuitous) JOIN GROUPS!! in your field, your interests and your competition.

4. Engage in discussions!

Sharing and connecting are the main ingredients in social media… but nurturing your relationships is what REALLY makes things cook!

In my experience, joining a discussion to promote my video application was just the seed.   Interacting and PARTICIPATING in the discussion was where the growth happened. The key element in social media is nurturing your relationships. Seeing this in action has reinvigorated my faith in social media. The discussion I created worked because I was engaged in responses and commentary.

This is how it ALL works.

What you feed will grow and most important nurture your relationships!   GOODE luck to us ALL!

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Rhoby, I have just recently jumped into LinkedIn and –um– I need to put some *any* content up there… Thank you so much for teaching me what I need to have in my profile!

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