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What a great time it has been and very challenging to toss up my first carnival.  There were 7 great answers to the three questions I posed and I have the impression that you all had fun partaking in the challenge.

To recapture, contestants were to choose one from the three questions:

  1. How to avoid red teeth while drinking red wine?
  2. How to avoid palate fatigue while at a wine tasting?
  3. Why smell the cork?

Submissions were allowed in any format (blog post, video, podcast) and were judged in three categories:

  1. People’s Choice by poll (which took place here on my blog)
  2. People’s Choice by comment (any comment I could find relating to any individual post)
  3. My Choice by a) education, b) entertainment and c) tech savvy values.

Everyone who participated I want to extend a great shout out!  I can only recommend your blogs to my readers… the fact that you took the time to get involved with this little action shows that you have a good grasp about this specific aspect  of social media, about networking and pooling together on one topic and connecting with others.

Participants were (in alphabetical order):

So without further ado, here I present you with the winners!  *drum roll please* (please excuse, I had a video in the making but my programme is striking in this heat, sorry):

Peoples Choice by poll:  Natasha Foy with 33%.

Peoples Choice by comment (including comments I found here directly concerning the submitted posts):  Michelle Lentz

Andy’s Choice:

You all educated me.  I see in all entries the ability to take a mundane subject and translate that into education and present it in an entertaining manner.  Some of you were funny “ha, ha”, some were very subtle and some of you simply entertaining in how you presented a non-eventful question.

I looked to a few technical indicators and you really did not make my job easy.  All of you have definite (and to certain degrees very different) strengths and weaknesses  so I will be sending you all emails with some advice concerning what I observed in the hopes to help you along.  But before you get your knickers in a knot:  I am not as tech savvy as you may think so there will be many other parameters which you could be doing well — but which I did not notice, or they may be some grave errors which I am also missing out on… and we are all in the dark.

Before I tell you my choice, you must know that I truely believe that all of you have excellent opportunities waiting for you in the social media scene… think of it, you have been learning loads and discovering lots, and you have already shown by going for the Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent that you have the guts to go for it.  If you keep on track, I can assure you that not too few wineries are out there watching, watching, watching what happens with the MG gig.

Imagine you place yourself as a key player in this happening?  Do you realize that you have been networking with all the other hopefuls?  Do you realize that we together have the power to make this work for MG?  Do you realize that the greater MG’s success means the greater chances that other wineries take the plunge?  Do you realize that those who take the plunge will already have a good idea who and what they want when they take that plunge?

*You* can be as central a person you want to be in this network!  And *you* can go as far as that successful applicant for Murphy Goode…. if not further!

Yes, you are all awesome and I look forward to seeing you go places!

But I have to choose ONE of you.  And the winner of my choice is Natasha Foy. Natasha, you were only slightly savvier than most here, but you want to know what pushed your submission over to the winner category?  It is the fact that you made a viral video.  Did you know that your video was published and highlighted on another Murphy-Goode blog?  In fact, on a blog  which is more a vlog?  Yup.  Was it planned or a lucky stroke?  It does not matter, you educated, you entertained, you showed me your tech savviness and you impressed more people than just Andy.


Thank you all again for taking part, I really enjoyed it and look forward to a continued networking with you in the future!  Keep your eyes peeled, on Tuesday I will be sending out your little information emails with some deeper tips and observations.

Here is to your blogging success!