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guest post by Tanya Melillo

When I watch the videos I did for and with celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito I am overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude. I feel grateful because it was that experience that made things click for me. While wine and food had always been important to me and I had previously dabbled in integrating it with my professional goals, the experience with Rocco made me realize that wine and food should be more than just a serious hobby of mine. Nothing makes me feel more alive and more myself than sharing my wine and food experiences with the world.

There’s a similarity for me in the experience with Rocco and the last few months with Murphy Goode. Applying for the Murphy Goode job and making it to the final 50 has driven me to make some big changes, leaving my very corporate job as a marketing consultant to focus more specifically on what I love, and nothing has ever felt better. So when thinking about the Murphy Goode A Really Goode Job (which I do every day, all day), I also feel incredibly grateful as it’s made me take a really meaningful leap in my life.

This experience has also made me think a lot about what I bring to the (winemaker and chef’s) table. What I feel and what I hope people see is my charisma around wine and food that makes others want to engage with the content and want to have their own wine and food experiences. I believe connecting is what social media is really all about and at the end of the day one’s social media expertise is not what is going to make people connect with that person. Connection is about an authenticity and genuine feeling that comes across in what is being communicated and I hope that when you see these videos of my experiences cooking with Rocco you feel that from me.

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