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Today I come to you with a quick re-cap of a few interesting articles I found for you on the web.

As you all surely know by now, my short, intense MG campaign has been built almost solely on this blog and on twitter interaction.  Over two months I have posted over 80 posts (including over 25 awesome guest posts) and generated over 600 comments.  On twitter, I started at zero and have a modest following which I vet regularily (get those spammers away from me!), have generated over 2.3K tweets and have met loads of amazing people in the process.  My seo is strong, even ranking for “horse treadmills” on google above the fold on pg. 1 (he, he, the power of guest posts 😀 thanks to Anita!).  So it should come as no surprise that I think blogs and twitter make a bombastic combination.

Michael Mock writes over at Some Disassembly Required a great piece about how you can leverage blogs for business.  Here is a small glimpse at what he has to say:

If done correctly, a blog can attract a dedicated audience to build upon and share expertise, information, ideas and content, while boosting awareness of your company and brand. If done incorrectly, however, you can leave customers feeling dissatisfied and ready to turn to your competitor. Source:  4 Ways to Boost Business with a Blog

His four way plan is a great jumping board for all those who want to build their own brand:  how to set your blog up to boost your readership, encourage engagement, build a loyal following.  You may not have a product to sell, you are out to sell yourself!  So if your blog is kind of flapping around with no real impact, consider what Michael has to say.

Another great tidbit was to be found at Training Marketer.  Here you will find some great content on how to get the attention of online shoppers, from the mom-and-pop business down the street, to the giant corporation across the globe.  I want to share a video which really wonderfully shows you how something can go viral, you can go check the text here What does Viral Marketing look like?

Those are my tips for today.  Basically:  harness you passion and present it to your readers on your blog… reach out to others and have a good time and you will begin to draw people to you.

Now the time is ripe:  we have all been networking like crazy over the past weeks… you are connected with at least a handful of social media wine lovers… are you ready to leverage your advantage you have gained over the past 8 weeks?

The whole wine world is watching Murphy-Goode and regardless of where you are in the race, you can come out victorious!  Let’s leverage this opportunity and create wine web2.0 history!  Are you in?