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guest post by the young yet ambitious Rocky Slaughter

Around 3:00 p.m. (EDT) yesterday, I checked my Facebook profile only to find that a few friends of mine already knew that I was in the Top 10 for Murphy-Goode’s “A Really Goode Job” campaign.

Not only was I surprised – mainly because I thought I would be the first to know if I made it – but I realized that I had just seen living proof of Murphy-Goode’s success with social media. Some of my friends are so excited about the campaign that they check up on it more religiously than I do, and they didn’t even apply! This is what viral marketing is all about.

The second I confirmed my Top 10 status on areallygoodejob.com I got out of my chair, danced like a complete amateur and ran around in circles with my arms in the air.

Before the news, I was worried because the competition was steep.  After all, I just turned 21 and know very very little about wine (though I’ve been reading books! Watch out ‘the other nine!’). I also know quite a bit about Web 2.0, but I definitely did not have the portfolio that some of the other applicants mentioned in their videos.

As the news sank in, it became clear: Murphy-Goode is serious about letting the world know that wine can be enjoyed by everyone, with any background, at any age, and at any level of sophistication.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been surprised by Murphy-Goode’s eagerness to make wine more accessible. The first time I met Dave Ready Jr. at the Michael Jordan Steakhouse in Grand Central Station, he approached me very casually, wearing a suit jacket with all three buttons buttoned – a relatively standard faux pas in the fashion world. After we shared some really down-to-earth conversation I realized: “This guy has never had to wear a suit in his life. He’s living it up. He is essentially the archetypical version of ‘the man.’”

Anyway, my flight is booked to San Francisco. My thoughts are flying. I am truly appreciative, excited, and just completely jazzed.

I would like to seriously and genuinely congratulate everyone who applied to the job. This goes for both those still in the running and those who didn’t quite make it.

Back in March, I applied for Tourism Queensland’s “Best Job in the World.” I got past the “Top 200” benchmark, but got cut before the “Top 50.” I remember being a bit down for a few days after the news broke, but when the dust cleared I looked back on my video with a smile. Then, I was able to use some of the content from that video for my Murphy-Goode application!

I hope you will find the same comfort in your video and that it will enable you to have success in future ventures. Just by applying, you are by far ahead of many people in the ‘social media world,’ and it’s becoming increasingly important to get connected as the job market shifts in the next few years. Please feel free to contact me so that we can exchange e-mails. Even if I don’t land “A Really Goode Job,” I know some of you fellow applicants will be going somewhere someday and networking is all a part of getting ahead in the Web 2.0 world.

In closing, I really think I bring a unique angle to this job. I’m WAY younger than the other nine applicants and I think I bring an interesting and unique set of skills to the table. I’m a musician, photographer, web designer, traveler, tour guide, press relations expert, baseball player, chef, bartender, and just a laid-back, easy-going college kid who likes sharing ideas and laughs.

That said, I’m not yet 100% established in the career world and haven’t yet developed my ‘artistic ego.’ It is just as important to bring my skills to the table as it is to bring my ‘listening abilities.’ With over three million media hits to the Murphy-Goode site, the marketing team at the winery knows what they’re doing. I hope that I can prove that along with skills and ideas, I will also let Murphy-Goode shape me into a better marketer as I will let them shape me into a wine expert. After all, this dream wine job could be just the ticket to all of my future careers, and this, my friends, is so exciting.

Please check out my website at http://www.rockyslaughter.com . The site is still a bit of a work in progress (things are a bit busy these days…) but I should keep adding content as time continues.

Everyone out there better be having an excellent day!



Well, thank you, young man 🙂 — key thoughts for all of us:  networking will be what brings us together and brings us further in life!

It is my pleasure to feature your video here today, Rocky:

You can also reach Rocky on Twitter @RockySlaughter