What does Murphy-Goode have to do with Seth Godin?

The world is changing ever more rapidly, and the rules of marketing are no different, writes Godin, the field’s rworth noticingeigning guru. The old ways-run-of-the-mill TV commercials, ads in the Wall Street Journal and so on-don’t work like they used to, because such messages are so plentiful that consumers have tuned them out. This means you have to toss out everything you know and do something “remarkable
” (the way a purple cow in a field of Guernseys would be remarkable) to have any effect at all, writes Godin (Permission Marketing; Unleashing the Ideavirus). Godin’s wide-ranging advice-be outrageous, tell the truth, test the limits and never settle for just “very good”-is solid and timely.

Murphy-Goode recently placed a purple cow in the vinyard… The question is this:  can you drink the milk of the purple cow?  I do and I believe you can, too!

be remarkable