Please read this whole blog post – its a bit long BUT – It will CHANGE YOUR MARKETING LIFE!

WHY should you read this now?

Simple this is your chance to get noticed NOW. . . with the Murphy-Goode areallygoodejob campaign, you probably had the feeling that a lot was not really under your control. Submit a video, get a few votes, write a blog post or two and wait for the MG Gods to make a magical decision. But in the end, many matrixes played a role and perhaps you just weren’t the right fit for the people at MG.

The truth is: Murphy-Goode is the first winery to embark on such a social media journey and many, many wineries (and other businesses) are watching to see how lucrative this method of marketing is going to pay out for MG. What does this mean for you?

Well, if you have been involved by submitting a video, chances are, ‘people’ have noticed you! And although you may not have been a goode fit for MG, you may very well be the perfect fit for someone else!

The time is ripe to place yourself for that awesome social media job you know you would be perfect for!

Interested? Keep reading . . .

I want you to take ACTION RIGHT NOW.  So here is what we are going to do – I am announcing the drumroll please . . .
We were going to call it . . .

“I’M IN – Get Off Your Butt And Market Now”
or the IMINGOYBAMN 🙂 try and remember that one!

So we will name it:


OK lets get into it!

You have already created and submitted your Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent application video.

Now I want you to DO SOMETHING WITH IT!

To start – this is more about the JOURNEY than any big successes.

In this option, we are looking for “action” marketers who can detail / journal each step of the way (what I call mini-milestones).  So I don’t care if this is your first day online or if you are a big time marketer – EVERYONE is included . . .


  • Keep up with the MG campaign and be actively supportive throughout the duration.  This is your key social networking that will not go unnoticed!
  • Pick a niche (any niche will do, but if you want to target yourself for the wine social media, then you will choose something from this industry)
  • Do something with it – ANYTHING
  • “Journal” your process / progress (Blog AND Twitter)

This journal is to be seperate from your actual theme blog. For example, if you have a niche blog like Dirty South Wines, then you will want to create an extra blog for the sole purpose of documentation and journaling (like Goode To Be First).  Here on your journal blog,  you will take your notes, discover what works, what needs tweeking and what does nothing for your campaign. It will also chronical your journey for potential social media employers.  Go to or and start a free blog to keep your notes on.

ACTION IDEAS (actions to your journal blog in purple, actions to your niche/themed blog in blue):

  • Do your keyword research (journal your steps / results or even better record them!)
  • Build a Web 2.0 property for your niche (Squidoo, Hubpages, it doesn’t matter just pick one or even better pick MANY!)
  • Record a video of yourself (or use a slideshow or screen-capture) promoting your niche market and submit it to Youtube AND put it on your blog too! (take notes to your journal on how well it was received, how to improve…)
  • Write an article (or a press release) about your niche and submit it (Ezinearticles, etc)(journal what worked, how the timing was, did the strategy come off well, what was bunk…)
  • Find another MG candidate, winery or offer that would work with your niche and write about it (even better PROMOTE it and journal your results!)
  • Look for opportunities to guest post to other blogs within our circle of participants.

Key: keep connected with each other and make sure you keep your profile up and active within the MG campaign – the more successful the MGWCLC is, the greater your exposure to those wineries watching on!


  • If you have not already done so for the MG gig, create a NEW blog for this niche–your take on wine.
  • Link to the ‘I’M IN’ lense at squidoo, use this link from your niche blog (this is where we hope to all point the wineries to so they can see the pool of awesomeness you all represent within the Wine Social Media networks we have going).
  • Start blogging by telling YOUR STORY.
  • How long you have been marketing, your experiences, your successes, your failures – if this is your first niche project or your 100th. Remember newbies are more then welcome! Tell us who you are and why you are IN in your marketing! (this belongs on your journal blog or if you can wrap it up in a wine story, then you can publish it to your wine niche blog).
  • Blog updates on what you are learning in researching and promoting this niche – be as specific as you can and post as often as you can.
  • Blog about your “growth” during this process and how much you are accomplishing. Remember EVERY step matters and every little action item is a SUCCESS!
  • Link to (on your niche AND on your journal blog) ALL of your Web 2.0 properties, article submissions, videos, etc. EVERYTHING you are putting online for each niche. This is the CRITICAL step that future employers will have an eye out for! To see your progress / work.  You will present it differently on each platform, be bold and boastful on your journal blog but also analytical. Wrap it up in a story on your niche blog or have a page with your outer-blog accomplishments.
  • Talk about your successes – did you get a page / Web 2.0 site indexed by Google? (take a screenshot of it) did you see any traffic? Blog it!


  • Twitter about your progress and add links in your Tweets to your blog, your Web 2.0 spots etc.
  • Twitter about others who are also in the network, about their blogs and web2.0 spots.
  • All Tweets MUST include the hashtag: #imin to be included on the squidoo page “I’m In”.

* this is CRITICAL so future employers can track AND judge your progress!
– Example Tweet / Format:
Check out my new Web 2.0 site I just
hit for the “Dog Walking” niche [LINK HERE]

SCREEN CAPTURE YOUR PROGRESS: (This is all for your journal blog) (or this can be thought of as BRAGGING)

  • A key element of understanding “I’m in” marketers (in addition to your Blog & Twitter posts) will be based on how detailed (and how often) you post screen captures of your progress / journey.
  • If you have Camtasia or another screencap program feel free to use it. If you don’t we suggest this FREE screencam / capture software its AWESOME – JING Project (click here)
  • Take screencaps of your Google rankings
  • Do videos reviewing your Web 2.0 sites, how you are promoting on Twitter, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING related to this one niche.
  • Video & talk about EVERYTHING from your keyword research, to engaging in social networks like digg, stumbleupon…, to articles, etc. (again this is IMPORTANT)

How to get noticed?

  • Be “REMARKABLE” marketers — think of Seth Godin’s Purple Cow
  • This is as much about the “journey” and how detailed you are in your Blog posts, Twitter, and IMPORTANT – screen captures (videos).
  • Aim for innovation and ACTION (a real effort) No small item is insignificant – everything is an accomplishment (mini-milestone) to be praised! This is for newbies AND experts alike!

IMPORTANT: Every “I’m in” participant who Blogs / Tweets will receive access and exposure on the Squidoo lense, I’m In, setup with the sole purpose to let all you wine social media whizes strut your stuff and bring you together for the wineries to have a hub from which they can see who is in and who is active.  The Buzz you generate can be captured through many different avenues on the Squidoo lense.  For more information on how the Squidoo lense works, please read this post and give me your suggestions, tips and critiques.  I will update the format on a regular basis.


  • To participate: Post a comment (in this Blog post).  Include your name, email address (not in the comment area, in the admin area) and your Blogspot/Wordpress blog (setup as per the above) and Twitter URL
  • I will review your Blog and Twitter for updates on a regular basis (but you have to post them in a comment on this blog below or I won’t be able to find you!)
  • If you have something cool to show us – then DO IT! Leave another COMMENT in this blog post below (include your name / email and Blog and of course the action items you want to impress us with!)
  • Note: The niche HAS to be from a wine related theme if you want to be included in the squidoo „I’m in“ page. You CAN pick multiple niches (we would love you to!). But each niche should be its own Blogspot blog (you can use the same Twitter account for multiple niches)
  • By participating, you are agreeing to the rules. Click here to read the rules & disclaimers


Are you IN?

You already know what the benefits are:
(exposure to the wineries who are NOW looking, planning and observing the Murphy-Goode Social Media campaign.)

  • Step #1 Create your Blogspot/Wordpress blog to track your “journey”
  • Step #2 Leave a comment on this blog post BELOW so we all know you are IN and we all can track your progress
    (include your name, email address, Blogspot URL, & Twitter URL)

I look forward to seeing how REMARKABLE you can be!  And I look forward to seeing you go on to the wine social media Hall of Fame!

Lets go. . . . NOW!