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The squidoo lense was created to highlight everything going on around the Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent Social Media campaign – including your own efforts to help MG move forward while working on your own social media skills and keeping your profile up front for wineries looking to join the SocMed scene.

Wine Social Media: I’m In! (squidoo lense)

Presently there are the following modules on the page to highlight your action and MG action:

Wine Social Media Whiz: an introduction to the purpose of the page

Ingredients for Wine Social Media: a list of the contents (with hyperlinks) to all aspects of the squidoo page

Murphy-Goode in the blogs: everytime someone mentions “areallygoodejob”, “murphy-goode”, “murphy-goode wine country lifestyle correspondent” on a blog and google picks it up, it will be show cased here

Wine Social Media: I’m in: this is the up-to-date live twitter stream for the hashtag #imin as defined on the post How to leverage the social media action around the murphy-goode campaign:  I’m in! – this can have direct links to your journal blog stating how you strategically move forward to further your own campaign, showing potential future employers how you are progressing, where your talents and strengths lay and how you manage your way around your weaknesses (excellent chance to push yourself ahead of the crowd here).

“A Really Goode Job” google search: A really Goode job with the same keywords as in the blog search – same principle, when news releases go out with the tags and google catches them, this will be fed to the squidoo page

Murphy-Goode Top 10: the top 10 are featured on the squidoo page. If you want to increase your chances of going places with SocMed, consider following and networking with one or more of these people, cause chances are very good that they all get picked up by wineries in the next few months…

Social Media on Squidoo: just some advertisment for other lenses which I thought may be of interest to you, I’m open for suggestions, especially if you create your own lense related to SocMed or your wine campaign…

Social Media Tips via AndysGoodeLife: Ok, is this spammy? I put my feed from my blog tips on the squidoo page…

Wine Social Media–Give us your juice!: a chance for any and everyone to leave a message, encourage one another, ask questions, say hello and write the usual “Killroy was here” texts…

A Really Goode Job: Here is the official feed of the winery twitter account. Once the WCLC sets up shop, I will add that specific feed too.

Social media, social marketing & social networking job opportunities: diverse up-to-date job offerings for social media gigs.

Hot tech gadgets: cause essentially, we are all a bit geeky when it comes to techie gadgets, no?  Just some up-to-date posts about gadgets for those who might be interested in seeing what is out there.

And last but not least (and no where near exhausted) tossed all over the whole squidoo page will be all submitted videos for the MG gig, so you will also be profiled there too.  Please leave a comment down below if you want me to use your YouTube channel instead of MG’s to increase your exposure.

So that is the Squidoo page in a nutshell, you can have a look at it here:  Wine Social Media: I’m in!

Want to read about How to Leverage the Social Media action happening around the Murphy-Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent position?  Click here

Suggestions, critic, praise, questions?  Hit me up in the comments.