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Yesterday I set out to do some savvy female multitasking — you know, the let’s-kill-6-birds-with-one-stone stuff…  So I grabbed my vid. camera, ironing board and hoards of pressing material and decided to get y’all steamed up and stoked to see a more feminine side of me. They don’t call me Iron Lady for nothing.   Just sayin.

You will see, the video actually turned out way better than I could have staged it.  *Some* of my kids were driving me nuts while I was “working” and I had to edit those fine (personal) moments when I bellowed at them to stop-distracting-me-can’t-you-see-I-am-busy ranting…  While I was getting all huffy about my unruley children, I was fully unaware that essentially, they were just showing you an even deeper look into my life and totally underscoring the message I was trying to convey…

So here is my video on How to Conquer Distractions with guest appearances by my 8 year old (the kid with the banana, face maker and trouble maker) and a very short view of the 5 year old (and if you listen, he speaks German to me…).  I will let you in on a wee secret.  They are truely capable of being even more intrusive and annoying.   Like when I am on the phone or when I am sitting on the pot.  Then they always need my immediate attention.  Yeah.  I am lucky that way, I know.  Go ahead and be jealous.  Really.

The Action Machine by Derek Franklin

But essentially you don’t need to spend a dime on the software if you have a pencil and notepad on hand… (but my kids keep taking these instruments away from me… and using them to draw plans for their catapults and other medieval *stuff*).

How do you stay on track?