Murphy-Goode was an awesome ride and excellent training ground for my new projects and I certainly hope that you are pulling the lessons for yourself out of what you put in to the campaign!

On July 30 I decided to crank up my efforts and challenge Kamary Phillips (of Murphy Goode TV and now Wine Time TV)…  here is an excerpt of what I pitched to the dude:

Off to work, Kamary.

I am getting my blog read to go.

Wanna do a bet with me?

I am starting something NEW without any followers, you have LOADS of followers and some media backup with your Wine Time.

Essentially, we are both at point zero but you have the heads up.

Lets see who reaches the first 100, 500 and 1000 hits to their blog, ok?

mine is http://XXXYYY.com and as you can see, there is NO content on it yet (and if you go there, you will be visitor number 2)…

But that will change, I am going to use some of the tactics I will use for your campaign to generate organic traffic…

(We can also bet on who hits pagerank 2,4 and 6 the fastest… but I have no idea how long I will need to get this far, a 2 should be easy enough, had that with goodelife within a month…)

So today I wanted to let you all know about our bet.  Kamary already hit over 200, so he has already one the first stretch well before I even posted my first article!   (That happened today…)

Since I want to win this fair and square, I want to encourage you to keep your eyes peeled to Wine Time Tv (yeah, and click through to the blog!).  My blog is in the Baby Care sector, so I will have to attract by and large a completely new following … but I am confident that by the end of the week I will have passed Kamary as well as at least hit the 500 hits — who knows?  Perhaps even busted the 1000?  *a girl is allowed to dream*

And I have no idea how fast it will go with the page rank.  You can help Kamary out by adding him to your blogroll — he will need the help!

Here is a picture of my stats from today:august 10th 2009 stats (blog is live)

The 10 in July were when I uploaded the blog with the plugins… no “real” hits though.  Content came this morning and so did my first 18 hits (the first 5 were the bots from Google and co…).

So Kamary, now it is getting *serious* — best of luck to you and to me!