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So now that my wonderful soirée in Wine Web2.0 has pretty much come to a halt and we are all following lucky Hardy around, I am able to put my concentrations to my own projects again, taking everything I have learned during the Murphy-Goode Campaign and pushing myself to new social media limits.

As you know, I have gone off to the Baby Care niche and am working in on a “hits” bet with Kamary and part of my strategy has been to give *other* social networks a consideration (with MG I learned heaps via Twitter… now on to new platforms).

Today while I was reading my resource of blogs, I came across John Cow’s 3 Link Building Techniques and was reminded of yet another venue I had planned but not yet implemented in my new Baby Care blog: Article Marketing:

clipped from www.johncow.com
Article marketing is an awesometastic (yep, it’s a real word) way of building high PR backlinks for your website. And its effectiveness triples when you’re using some kind of article submission software. Most of the article directories (that are worth submitting to) are pagerank 5-8, which makes them an outstanding way of acquiring link juice.
Google and the search engines are in love with article directories such as EzineArticles, ArticleCity, ArticleBase and ArticleFeeder. You can easily dominate 4-6 positions on the first page of Google if you do your keyword research right. This means that a backlink from an article directory will not only become utterly valuable over time, but will also turn into a major Authority Indicator for Google.
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