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Have you been wondering what has been happening since the a really goode job campaign?  Well, I have been trying to keep up with a number of those mentioned on my blog but truth be told — you guys are all way to busy for me to truely remain in the loop!

I think of Ruth Kalinka, purging herself of access debris and stepping forward in life on a light-footed exciting path to a bright future.

Or have you seen what Tanya Melillo pulled off?  She made it to PBS’ Winemakers series… hello, she is awesome!

And Kamary Phillips, the guy behind MurphyGoodeTV and now running WineTimeTV… I like his style.

Have you seen his interview series with James King?  I have the last episode for you:

Oh, I cannot wait to see the interview Kam did with Tanya!  This is got to be good…

tanya melillo on wine time tv 400

And the big question I have is:  who is Kamary gonna interview next?  Have you contacted him yet?  You can hit him up on twitter:  @WineTimeTV.  Tell him Andy sent ya!  And I will be sure to post about your interview here ’cause you *know* I love ya!