Ever since this wonderful MurphyGoode gig has been up and done with, I have gone on to new projects, one of which is a baby-care niche blog. A girlfriend of mine wrote this comment to me the other day which I would like to share with you here:

I have to say this: although I understand every single thing you have said to me, and i understand the drive behind it, the motivation, the works, it still leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. For myself, I mean. I can’t do it… I mean, reading your baby blog…there is nothing there that says “Andrea” to me. There is no feeling, no emotion (which I understand is the point since you are using it as a content management system). But given that I have seen what you have written in other places, and noticed an emerging style, the baby blog does little for me (but not necessarily for others). It’s…style less. It’s well organized, well thought out, and I understand the purpose for it, and I hope and wish with all my heart that you will start raking it in with it, but it’s not for me (to copy and do something similar). Is all I’m saying.


But she is right.

She is the one who introduced me to blogging altogether (and I thought she was nuts to spend any time of the day dedicated to this task…). She has nurtured me from day one on, has inspired me to push forward, and yes, she – if anyone at all – is in a position to say: I have seen your potential.

She writes at Javaline and she writes a great personal blog. And this is where my topic of today is leading us: The personal blog.

The variant of the online diary, which we are all used to call weblog (blog for short), goes sometimes well beyond the boundaries of simple communication: there are great articles, essays and a lot of interactive stuff that create a very entertaining environment for any Internet user. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to even find future brilliant writers who shape their skill online; it all begins with the regular recording of personal thoughts, ideas, comments on books, films or music. Personal blogs also allow limitless space for the expression of critical opinions from various domains, not to mention that they preserve a record of one’s development.

Nevertheless, what most Internet experts advise is that one should keep personal and business blogging as separate activities, since mixing them can be detrimental particularly for the special online promotion of some products or services. Many analysts argue that personal blogging is often characterized by an ascending evolution since steady writing develops good thinking and synthesis skills. However, there are a few rules you must follow into making sure that your personal blog is a good, yet trustworthy mirror of yourself. The first thing you need to work on is the topic of the articles, essays that are responsible for the overall image of the blog.

There are not few the examples that include very poor personal blogs, with uninteresting topics, grammar and punctuation mistakes and very few substantial links. Keep in mind that there should be a so-called self-censoring when it comes to exposing all sorts of personal details in the pages of your blog. Unfortunately, there have been cases of stalking or stolen identity; keep in mind that you can be personal, without revealing anything from your intimate life. Why this precaution? Because, some of the comments you’ll receive on the blog may truly hurt your feelings and even change your life.

Some bloggers have chosen to limit access to their pages by the use of a digital password; thus, only family and friends are allowed to log in. People actually consider this a good means of protecting their families from possible external threats when the virtual world may overlap with the real one. Things will stay bright as long as you are able to monitor blog content and information quality on a regular basis. The good thing about blogs is the fact that you can always go back to a formal entry and make some changes or analyze things from a different perspective and this stays valid for bloggers and users alike.

So this is the difference: she writes a personal blog, and I have at present a business blog. I long to get beyond the impersonal business side of it and let my personality shine through at least a wee bit. I am still finding my way, though. There is not such a great community as I found with the MurphyGoode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent crowd, though. But I know I will get there someday. To my style. To me.

How are you doing since the Murphy-Goode campaign?