Well, I have been travelling a lot lately (as those of your have been following on Facebook know). And working on my various projects. Today I want to mention one tool which I dabbled with during the MurphyGoode Campaign and which I am taking concentrated efforts to learn: Squidoo.

Yesterday I tossed together a pre-launch page for Mass PPV Traffic, published it and within twenty four hours had a good ranking (for a newbie to the scene, I am very pleased… of course there is room for growth and improvement).  Today I have kept my eye on my stats and watching to see where I need to tweek the page and was pleased to note the ranking:

Mass PPV Traffic:  Squidoo Page 24 hr live, strong ranking for a newbie

Checking the other pages, I have come out stronger than they:

mass ppv traffic squidoo competition

I have not yet used Squidoo in my strategy to create strong backlinks to this site, but I am planning on creating lenses for my “professional” blog…  Do you use Squidoo in your SMO strategy?  Let me know about it, love to “stumble upon” it for you or “digg” your stuff!