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Social Media Marketing & PR 2.0 by Extanz.com
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One of the joys of this very blog has been the continual learning curve.  Since I jumped into this social media race and the Murphy-Goode Campaign it has been heaps of fun, loads of new experiences and a few downfalls (which taken in the correct light always lead to deeper understanding and a “moving forward”).

Yesterday I started to boast about my Squidoo Lens on Mass PPV Traffic, today I learned something new which I am going to try on my next Squidoo (’cause I am now hooked on Squidoo… so I will for sure be writing more Lenses).  So in order to NOT forget what I wanted to try, I decided to share my idea with you.  That way we can all benefit and if you have any Squidoo wisdom to share, I am sure you will be so kind and leave me a comment, right?

Here is the new 8 Step Strategy which has to do with ranking, backlinking and pinging:

  1. Set up Squidoo WEB2.0 Lens
  2. Put your content on the Lens WITHOUT ANY LINKS
  3. Ping and wait until the site gets indexed
  4. AFTER it is indexed go back to the site and update it with a couple hundred words of content.   200 words is fine.
  5. Wait for a few days until the site is spidered again.
  6. Promote the site a bit. You can do this by submitting the RSS feeds, Bookmarking, blog commenting, etc…you know the drill :)
  7. Wait 24 hours
  8. Now you can start putting your links on the Lens

So, do you think this will be a good strategy to be able to rank well within the Squidoo ranking system?  I think it is worth a try…  What strategy do you use?

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