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Success of a blog largely depends on the kind of promotions you do along with the content you publish. It is difficult to sustain a good amount of traffic on your blog without spreading the word in the initial stages. A lot of bloggers around the world feel that just writing good content on their blog would draw visitors, but in verity it does not happen for most of the time. A passive blogger thus loses out hope when he does not get results in terms of returning traffic on his blog.

One very successful avenue for the wine social media was Twitter,  back in the day of the search for the Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent for the Murhpy Goode Winery.  Over 70% of the networking and communicating was funneled via twitter.  But if you check #areallygoodejob today, you wont be likely to see much action…

So, what is a blogger to do?  Use Syndication to your advantage.  It is not always RSS, you know.  Submitting your own articles to ezines for syndication is an excellent source of traffic.

Here’s 5 Reasons Ezine Advertising Traffic Rocks!

  1. Bring in Tons Of Traffic Ezines are targeted! There is almost no better way to drive tons of targeted traffic to any site you want to promote. Forget the shotgun approach.
  2. Increase link popularity Ezines are meant for re-distribution.  This means others can pick up your articles and reproduce them on their own blogs.  You are the “guest poster” so to speak, the greatest law with submitted articles for redistribution is that the article must be published in it’s entirety, links and all.  So if you play your cards right, you can have some fine anchor-text deep backlinking happening from blogs you never heard of, but whose admins know the secret power of ezines and article submission.  (By the way, brownie points to you if you allow trackbacks and hop over the those blogs publishing your work and join the conversation happening… this is a great way to get your name and content in front of a different crowd and most likely win a few readers!)
  3. Increase Your Reputation and Web Presence You are building your online authority in your niche.  Submitting articles and grabbing other’s posts allows you to gain a circle of publishers who are working the same or similar niches as you are, collegues whom you can help and who can help you move forward with your goals.
  4. Free Advertisement You benefit from the reverse side of the coin:  looking for a couple of filler posts?  Need to expand your keyword density in certain areas?  Go to an Ezine and grab yourself some “guest posts” to add more diverse content to your own site.  Google will love you and if you choose relevant posts to your blog, your regular readers will love you too!
  5. Get Indexed In Search Engines Faster Higher number of websites linking to you will make the search engines, such as Google, to look at your website as the authoritative content for your niche market. Eventually, your website will have better chance of ranking up higher in the search engines.


Look, I have a podcast that Jack Humphrey did with Charlie Page about ezine articles submission and I wanted to share it with you.  This may not be what you are looking to get in to (Charlies service is a payed service…) so take what he says and consider how you can adapt the truths he is talking about to your blogging without going out and spending over 100 bucks a month.

Think about these questions:  how can you harness the power discussed here without being an affiliate marketer and perhaps without even submitting articles to ezines (which is still a great option to increase traffic to your blog, by the way.  And it is a great way to get content for your blog, too)?

So tell me, what have you learned something you can use to increase the value of your blog today?

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