In this digital day and age I wonder if my children will know what an LP is (I have resigned to the fact that they will never understand what an 8 track is 🙂 ), a roll of film or board games.  My kids come off with the most exotic Christmas wishes:  mp3 (ipod), cellphone (with all kinds of knick-knacks like integrated video camera!), wii…

What is a wii, anyway?  And do my children need one?  What happened to good old Twister?

One area we have opened up to is gifting our children with digital cameras.  Honestly, if you have a budding photographer at home, you are gonna want to invest in one of these.  They are surprisingly inexpensive and you save oodles of money in developing the films (there are NO films — so you process only the good shots and toss the rest in the digital bin).

Like all things gone digital, photography is profiting.  Just noticing some of the great works done for the application process for a ReallyGoodeJob shows how coupling your camera skills with your computer can give you a pretty cool 60 second spot.  I remember being totally stunned by the fact that photography actually combines the old world with the new world:  you can add some heavy duty lenses to digital cameras and get some awesome results.

If you are serious about photography as a hobby or profession, I cannot stress enough, that the choice of lens/s you make now will stand you in good stead for a long time. In fact, the only time you should need to change them, is if you change the make of CAMERA that you use.  This is good news for the photo buffs amongst us.  I did some research online and found this review SLR Camera Lenses… anyone got any more suggestions?