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A strategy is a course of action you plan to take to see specific results. When companies wanted to get the word out about their business in order to increase their revenue, they engaged in a marketing campaign.

Then along came Web 2.0 and altered the way a company could share their business with the world. Smart business entrepreneurs paid attention to social marketing and recognized its value for what it was worth-a way to improve not only sales but also relationships with customers.

Gary Vaynerchuk is the man who took a local wine business (family owned) and made it go national with his wine web 2.0 strategy. He saw the strategic advantage the company would gain in the industry by effectively using social media. Anyone can use social media, but it takes a purpose and a passion to make social media work.

Social media bridges a gap between the company and the consumer but to use it just as a selling tool for your business won’t garner you the results you’re looking for. Gary Vaynerchuck had something to offer-something to share with others through social media-his expertise in the wine business.

Strategy combined with passion is the key to success. If you don’t enjoy what you do that lack of enthusiasm will be glaringly apparent. The wine web 2.0 strategy used by Gary Vaynerchuck helped to propel his knowledge about the wine industry into a very successful venture.

Using that strategy with social media, Wine Library TV became a top viewed video blog. That social media strategy paved the way for Gary to be interviewed on television and because he used it so effectively, it led him through the door of opportunity in the form of a book deal by a major publishing company.

Whenever you look at the big picture-someone’s obvious success, you have to look backward and dig deep to find the roots of where they started. Successful entrepreneurs never start at the top. They climb their way up. Along that climb, they learn that it’s okay to break away from the traditional way of doing things. That moving ahead requires risk.

Not one to hold on to that success and keep that passion all to himself, Gary chose to share that knowledge in his book Crush It! Why NOW is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion. As you read this book, you won’t find any secret passageways that will hide a flash in the pan success. What you’ll find is that when you work your passion, your passion will work for you just like Gary’s wine web 2.0 strategy did for him.

Andrea Schmitz resides in Germany and was an instrumental player in the Murphy Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent search, where she offered her help to those who were seeking to be hired for the position. Following her passion and helping others along the way has opened the door to many new business experiences for her. Click here to learn more about Gary Vaynerchuck’s Passion Driven Life.