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Making Money by Photos8.com

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by Sue LaPointe
Are you one of the people who love the Internet and love to write? Maybe you wonder where all these websites get their content. You are searching for information that will tell you how to make money writing online. Here is information to get you started on your writing career.At Textbroker.com clients submit jobs to be done and Textbroker posts them by category and skill level on their order board. A writer like you goes to the board and chooses which job to work on. Each job has a deadline, a minimum number of words needed and special instructions from the client. To write for Textbroker.com go to the website and apply. In addition to the application, a writing sample is needed. This is a great way for anyone over the age of 18 to make some extra money. There is no weekly quota. Payment is made by Textbroker to the writer’s PayPal account twice per month. Visit their website for more details.If you are more interested in writing short answers, LiveAnswers.com has clients who need your assistance. Writing projects include joining a team of writers answering questions for clients such as Ask.com. Writers are paid by the query and are asked to answer at least 100 queries per week. This is not difficult to do. All answers are 135 characters or less, which is about two sentences. Payment is through PayPal every two weeks. This is a really good “filler” job for when you are watching TV and want to earn a little extra money.

Another option for writers is looking into freelance clearinghouses such as Elance.com, Guru.com and Freelancer.com. When clients need work done they post the job description at the clearinghouse site. Interested writers then place a bid. The client decides which bid to accept and the clearinghouse site acts as intermediary. No private information is given out. All payments go through the clearinghouse and then they transfer payment to the writer’s PayPal account.

Other places to find writing gigs are Triond.com, AssociatedContent.com, Craigslist and Ehow.com. These are not the only other sites. A search on your favorite search engine will yield many results to check out at your leisure.

Good writers are in demand. If you are just getting started, consider writing on a volunteer basis for sites such as Suite101.com, Examiner.com, About.com or Bella.com. This will give you exposure and get some good experience under your belt. All of these different sites have their own particular qualifications on what they require from a writer. Now that you know exactly how to make money writing online, take a look at the sites and get your writing career off the ground.

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