“Give people things that help them and make them happy …and then sell them things that help them even MORE, and make them even happier.

As simple as it is, it works. The “trick” to actually selling things is this:

1. Be SURE you know what they want (and that you can actually help them get it).

2. Demonstrate you can give it to them by helping them right from the start.

3. Make an offer that’s obviously a no-brainer for them …and do so kindly – with their best interests in mind.

4. Give them a reason to take action now.

When you do this right, you are pulling your market towards you …rather than pushing your stuff at them (like everyone else does).

It’s like the difference between being an uninvited door-to-door sales person …or being a sought after expert they go out of their way to do business with.

I’ve been both, and I can tell you from experience that the “sought after expert” is really the way to go.”

Frank Kern, March 10, 2010

Looking for the link to where he wrote this?  It was with this awesome free video (hope it is still online, other wise you really missed out on something).  Learn more about the one core philosophy and approach that makes it all work.