Well, it was about a year ago when many of us heard about the Murphy Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent dream job and a lot has happened. Hardy Wallace was deemed Murphy Goode’s Man of the Hour and pared up his humour with oodles of delicious tidbits over his six month reign in Wine Social Media. A year after the whole journey has begun and looking back, many of us have come out stronger, more focussed, closer to their own dream jobs or already living it.

I asked around all the wonderful people I met during this journey if they would like to share with me and my readers what the MGWCLC has done for them or how they have changed course and gone forward because of what they have learned.

It has been an incredible learning experience for me, as you know that this blog was an experiment since I usually blogged in German and MG brought me to English blogging to begin with. I never anticipated things taking the turns it did in my life and I will share my own story with you after I have taken the time to share these special stories with you.

Over the next days and weeks we will have the privilege to catch up with none other than:

Gwendolyn Lawrence Alley of Art Predator
Ed Thralls of Wine Tonite!
Eric Hwang of Bricks of Wine
Kris Vera Phillips
Amy Shropshire
Dave Ready
So Cool Bob

Taylor Eason

and perhaps a few others… (not on the list yet?  Hit the contact button and let me know how your year has turned out, I would love to profile you, too!)