I have *other* blogs, ones that have nothing to do with wine, social media or what have you. One of them I started up after the MG gig on the advice that Randulo gave me: write about Mom issues.

So I started a blog called Pamper You, Baby! and today after I have neglected it for a while, I was shocked (and slightly amused) to find a solid and growing collection of comments in my spam folder.

ONE of those I just MUST share with you before I delete it.

I realize that is small (click to enlarge), so I will tell you what it is about.  It is a comment to a post titled:  How To Pump Breast Milk Stress Free.  And the comment states:

Pretty entertaining post. Couldn’t be written much better. Browsing this post reminds me of my old friend. She always kept talking about this. I will forward this post and I’m pretty sure it will be a good read for ’em. Thanks for sharing!

I have to say, this made me laugh.  Often times I have clients ask me what I think of this or that comment (before they allow them to go public), and as a rule we can safely say:  spammers are getting more verbose or flowery in their commenting (anything to make it look and feel natural, I suppose).  But rest assured, 90% of the time you can tell a “canned comment” apart from the real comments.

Here is another comment to the same post, gotta wonder how long some women pump the milk out of their breasts!:

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One way to really do the test if you are not sure, follow the URL they give you, see if you can leave a valuable and useful comment (relevant to the content on that blog) at their place.  Perhaps even saying “thanks for stopping by my blog… nice gig you have here” kind of remark.  Check back in a few days to see if your comment got posted (including the backlink), and if so, it probably was a legit comment.  If not?  Well, you need to make a decision.  You can delete it as spam, you can edit out the backlink or you can accept it anyway.

How do you deal with spam?  And c’mon, share me your most weird or hilarious spam comment, we all enjoy a good laugh!