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I had a rough week last week when my GoodeLife blogger blog was suspended by surprise.  It had original content or guest posts similar to this one and to my knowledge there was no breach on my part to the TOS.

When this happened, I remembered the complete different way that WordPress deals with issues.  A while back I had written an article about a method of earning money on a blog and caused a flag to go up in WordPress central.  Although I had not added any links to an affiliate site, nor was the post even encouraging people to get involved with the specific program (actually, I was giving you tips for what I consider better options to earn money online, more specifically a list of what to look for when considering affiliate programs), they had warned me that this is against the TOS and I contacted them immediately and over a series of very helpful and friendly emails I was able to change the post up to be accepted to the WordPress TOS.

Imagine my surprise when I went to log into a neglected wordpress blog of mine about baby care… and to discover that it was suspended (I guess I have neglected it long enough to have missed the warning…).

Since the account for that blog was also used on this blog (I blogged over there as AndysGoodeLife), I have taken precautionary measures (aka I created an export file for the content of this blog!) (come to think of it, perhaps I should also do this for my other blogs on wordpress?).  Then I submitted a request to open the baby blog again and review the issues which caused it to be suspended.  Essentially, I would prefer to fix the problem or if need be to delete it myself and LEARN my lesson as opposed to have them suspend it.

So there you have it, wordpress bloggers.  Keep your blogs clean and perhaps go review the tos because it may just hit you, too.  But remember:  if they flag your blog, the support at WordPress has been great so far and they were prudent in helping me clear up the troubles on this blog.  (Oh, and I learned the lesson to back up and export a blog because although blogger said I had 20 days, they deleted it all within 24 hours.  Zap.  No support, no way to rectify the situation.)

I certainly hope that this issue gets resolved and most importantly, that this and my other blogs at WordPress are NOT affected.  I would hate to loose all the great content from you, your comments and the legacy created around the Murphy Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent application process!

So I raise a glass of wine to you and plan to go ahead with the “looking back” and “looking forward” series of what has happened with all you great people since embarking on the social media campaign around wine and Murhpy Goode.