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Guest Post:  Taylor Eason of TaylorEason.com

Thanks Andy, for reaching out. I’ve also been watching everyone’s movement and am psyched that we’re all doing pretty darn well.

It hasn’t been a year for me yet… I joined very late in the game (in May of last year). An update on what I’m up to:

Since I made top fifty w/ MG, I left the newspaper I wrote a wine column for and went out on my own (there’s this thing called downsizing in the print word, you see). I then relaunched my website (www.tayloreason.com) where I blog daily and continue to see growth in eyeballs. The blogiverse is a sooo crowded right now and it’s definitely not shrinking but might as people realize the money isn’t flowing like wine from California. It will be an interesting year coming up.

TaylorEason.com -- Fighting wine and food snobbery since 1997

TaylorEason.com -- Fighting wine and food snobbery since 1997 (click the pic)

To pay the bills, I write freelance wine/spirits/beer columns, consult with restaurants on their wine lists and marketing, teach wine classes to consumers (and soon, servers – lord knows they need it!) and am working on a book that’s completely unrelated to wine. Busy, busy… drinking a TON of wine and lovin’ not working for the man… at the moment.

Cheers to you and all other MG peeps!


Wow, Taylor!  You are one courageous and adventuresome woman!  Thank you for taking a moment to share your story with us.  If you are looking for a competent Wine knowledgable writer and communicator, I encourage you to have a look at the application video above as well as getting in touch with Taylor, I have a hunk she would LOVE to hear from you!

You can catch up with Taylor on Facebook (that is where I remain on top off all her action) or follower her tweets on twitter:  @TaylorEason.  Go on over and give her a shout out and say Andy sent ya!

And didn’t ya know, Taylor has already been a guest blogger here on Andy’s Goode Life, here’s the link: Professional Wine Writer Seeks the Goode. Life

Join me on the 5th, where we catch up with Ed Thralls.