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This is your wine dude for the future:  Ed Thralls of Wine Tonite.  Dedicated to wine and communication, this is what Ed has to share with us all, looking back and looking forward:

Hi, Andrea!

Yes, what a year it has been indeed.  Congratulations on your progress and new business opportunity… I wish you much success!   Things for me are very much different, but very much the same unfortunately.  I did not land a winery job during or soon after the flood of opportunities to those final 10 candidates of Murphy Goode as well as several of those endorsed by VinTank.

But, I continued to work on learning and enhancing my social media skills.  I’ve continued the blog and even started a fan page on Facebook.  I have consulted a few local wine businesses in the ways of social media with mixed success.

Overall, I still enjoy talking and engaging others about wine and my website visits, pageviews continue to grow as does my followers, fans and friends.   This summer I will complete my winemaker’s certificate program from UC-Davis, so I will have another credential and opportunity to find something to do in the wine country.  Maybe this Fall at Harvest time will be my time.   I have re-energized my search and have been reaching out to several wineries in the Sonoma and Napa area and have had a few discussions with some already.

Good to hear from you.

Ed Thralls, CSW and Digital Marketing Consultant

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Wine Tonite -- great way to use a twitter feed (click the pic)


There are some things that I have learned from Ed, and one which I still don’t get *how do you do it?*.  You see, Ed has a twitter widget on his blog, but instead of casting his tweets, this guy has an ingenious plan to cast other people’s tweets (answering the question “who is having wine tonite”).  I think that is brilliant, first for giving the link juice to others but also second, for the great tie -in with his own brand, wine tonite.

The greatest take home lesson from Ed is to keep looking forward.  You know, you never go anywhere if you don’t try and along the way to success, if you don’t meet up with set-backs, you gotta ask yourself if you are even moving.  Ed pushes forward, I like that.  He is gonna be the hot ticket this fall with the experiences, connections and certifications in his pocket!

I look forward to seeing where, you go, Ed!  Thanks for sharing.